Monday, August 10, 2009

贱人团 gathering~


I'm blogging again :P

dunno why suddenly so in the mood to blog again haha.

went to Esplanade, Marina Bay, Michael Steamboat, and lastly, CY's crib.

all in one day ! :O

dunno why yesterday damn high one.
good thing lah haha

if not probably won't have as much fun ^^

Sushi, me, Shin Zhi, Aaron, da jie~
ah wee and CY in front.


Billy, KC and laughing aren't in the pic ):

1st stop is Esplanade.
bought the hot dog there

da jie intro one, she said damn nice lolol
but I feel okok only lah haha

after goofing around in Esplanade,
we headed to Marina Bay.

me and da jie


she damn sayang me one oh!! ^o^
*mai jealous*

and here's what happened in Esplanade !

me and sushi.


look like fighting lah loool~
but I think it's best I don't say what really happened.

too many asses will drop off due to laughing too hard. ;D

woo happy couple LMAO

all my lovers please dun jealous! :O

it was a moment of weakness!
I swear! :X

dunno what to say bout this pic haha

titanic ah?

see the two guys there, they looking at them like they're crazy.
haha :O

they really are!
crazy I mean wakaka

act cute beaches ~

this is 正种看海

dun play play oh

ah wee. and billy's hand hahaha

after that went to Michael steamboat.

wasehhh ate so much. haha

ah wee kept cooking then putting the meat into my plate.


the best part is in the end when they gave us ice cream!

wasehhh man haha

damn happy XP

after eating we went to CY's house.

her bf kissed her after blowing the candle

damn sweet + shiok one lo ~

ada video lagi but dun post lahh ~
later kena sue LOL!

so that's it lah.

10pm like that rushed home cos got 良家妇女 need be back by 10. haha


and I'm not talking bout me oh. ;D

so that's it.

and as promised,
here's the video !

Fahrenheit - Lonely Ferris Wheel.

dunno sound right o not lah.
hehe self composed one not confirm correct key ok!



秋影 said...

thank you nia melo~~ lol..

MeLo♥ said...

haha u thank you what o? :P