Friday, August 21, 2009

a love poem ♥


here's a poem I wrote:
(don't know why suddenly got inspiration)
hahaha ;D
(dun cry oh)

you see me smiling
you hear me laugh
what if I told you that it's all just a mask?
to hide the pain I feel inside
to drown the sound of my weary cries

days seem like years
as I watch you slip away
you were so close
till she came in our way

my heart bleeds to know
she's the apple of your eye
sometimes I wonder
where am I?

do you still see me?
do you still care?
or what I thought was love
was never there

I never knew I could feel this way
till I met you that fine sunny day
this feeling's so special
words alone cannot describe
I wonder how long I can hide it all inside

what if I told you?
how I really feel
no, that would be bad
you'll never believe it's real

how I long to move on to someone else
and let all these feelings be put to rest
you're my best friend and I do not want that to ever change
you're simply the best
I hope you know that

sometimes you say things that cut me deeply
for I realize you do not know me
as much as I hope you will
you only see what I let you see
what you see
is only the mask I use
to hide the real me

sometimes I hope that you can see through all that
that you'd climb the walls I've built up
and notice that
I've been in love with you all this while...

woots! it's midnight LOL!!
unbelievable ei?

I'm sure you're thinking why I'm still online, since my curfew's 10pm.


my dad's at KL wakaka!
evil me XP

okokook I'm off to study Physics...
tomoro Quiz.


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