Monday, August 24, 2009

cheated by Olic Ting!

just back from AWHYO gathering!

7/13 of awhyo la~ haha

went to Doris dear's church, cos got sing k event.
yeer ~
we all cheated by her lo...
thought is can sing one.. who knows is we listen ppl sing

after that we all went to Ming Cafe he cha ^_^

Karen joined us a while later.
as for Bryan, he only stopped by a while
(see break liao)

the 'Roti Pisang' there very nice! :O

it's banana bread in english xD

dun really like one of the waitress there lo...
last time went there with Jac darling, her face like beh song beh song like that...
just now also.
the way she looked at us, like we owe her 10 thousand dollars like that!

then ah, she is Philipino also ma, I think
then we go there whole family, she talk so fren with my dad.
miang si !

anyways, took lots and lots of pics! haha

cos got c3 this hao lian ppl with us ma~ bo biennnn ^^

too bad they haven't uploaded it to facebook. haha
dono who just now say arrive home 1st thing is upload hor~

received a birthday pressie from Karen babe lerhh! haha


earrings, right?
very cute lahh babe! haha

and nope, not childish. to me that is. haha



check out her birthday card for me. haha

nice nice =O
very true hor


ok I'm tired...
tomorrow's another packed day!
I have a feeling I'll be late, hehe but lazy care also lah~ =p

going to c3's house tomorrow! wahaha~

okok I still haven't done my chemistry notebook ahhh
sad sad... tired liao.. *sobs*

I'll end with this pic.

I blog every pic that's in my phone. haha


hopefully, I won't lose any readers because of this pic. ;D

did you notice that lately I'm blogging so late nowadays...?

haiiix !


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