Sunday, January 30, 2011

last day of work :D

ahaha. tomorrow's the last day of work! sooo excited. can't wait for work to end, then we'll have dinner at KFC. woohoo. we planned this KFC trip since 20th i think and ahh can't wait to eat :p

it's been a fun time working at Super XL. the boss is friendly, seriously love her, both of them actually. haha.
some of the customers are friendly too. but most of them are just plain bitches. wtf

so little customers nowadays, all of us become damn lazy as well. just hide behind the counter pressing our phones. then when someone comes all three of us put down our phones and go out to serve them. ahaha no wonder they're all intimidated and walk out after a few minutes -__-

there was so little customers today that our lao ban niang even took out her wigs collection and made us pose with them  hahahaha :D

we actually took a pic with her too but somehow that pic is not with me :(

 just look at Katty. LOL!

 tried this cheongsam on for fun. ignore the face. HAHAHA i dislike my photo being taken


and i've been meaning to ask, do I look non chinese? because i've noticed lately that many people speak to me in Malay WTF
and most of the time people do so is when i'm wearing my skinny jeans. urm is it the way i dress? LOL! or my hair?

there was once we went shopping in Boulevard and the ZA promoter spoke to me in ENGLISH!
do you know what that means??
it means that she wasn't sure whether i understood chinese or not! D:

or perhaps it's the contacts? hahaha. okay lah might be my face too because i am in fact half chinese so yeah what the heck. hahaha. i sort of gave in to this already this morning. i was like so what lah they think i'm not chinese. maybe my style is sort of like those lakia's lah i must admit. i like skinny jeans i like colorful shoes LOL! what else? i like Raybans and i like thick black eyeliner :D

but that's my style and i ain't gonna change. ngehehe.

are my eyes big? hohoho.

seriously, time for new contacts. i've been using these pink ones for so long already. :/

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