Friday, January 14, 2011


to make up for my lack of updates, there's gonna be two posts for today. *applause*

i've been working lately, no time for personal business at all. i haven't been shopping, i haven't been spending much time with friends, i haven't played tennis in a while, and i sure as hell didn't have time to think hence i have nothing to blog about, at all. LOL

okay anyways......

my mind's been pretty busy lately - making a never ending list of things i should get once i get my pay. well, here's the thing:

when i see something i can't afford but i simply must have, i think of all kinds of ways to find money to buy it. and that always leave me emotionally drained. my parents don't give me everything i want. money doesn't come easy for me yet i spend it impulsively without thinking. :/

all this thinking eventually leaves me miserable and pissed.

here's the list of things i've set my eyes on, but am not sure whether buying it would be the right thing to do:

1. Calvin Klein eyeglass. 
one day, i wore my old glasses to work and realize that i couldn't focus on things, which lead me to the conclusion that i needed a new pair of glasses. silly me. i don't know what brought me to the optic shop. i just went in with my friend and look at all the glasses and in the end fell in love with that particular pair. :(

it's nice, but expensiveeeee. i thought mum was gonna say yes (wtf was i even thinking:?) but she said no -0-

i was so determined that i would do whatever it takes to own them,
 but now i'm not so sure.

2. BAG! 
yesss i finally found the perfect bag! i love it!!! but there's a catch:

the nicer one is white in color, but it's dirty :( and i'm not sure whether i can wipe off the stain. sigh. the other color's purple, it's okay i guess but just not you know, perfect. :C

3. clothes!!
which i saw in this shop, that shop, and oh, that shop. wtf

4. new phone? 
like seriously.

every time someone calls me i wish they'd stop talking and message me instead. it's not that i don't like talking, it's just, my battery won't last if i make phone calls! how many times have my phone died halfway through a phone call? i stopped counting after 1000. wtf

5. bling bling shoes in the boutique next door. LOLOL!
the owner of the boutique beside the one i'm working at is damn ngiao ji. i saw the most gorgeous pair of studded bling PINK shoes on display when i passed by. wanted to buy it so muchhhhh but then we're forbidden to go into their shop. KNS!

and the list goes on and on. sigh. melo melo. please stop dreaming. haha

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