Thursday, January 27, 2011

i talk too much

this pic is not edited ok! ahaha ;)

urm, got lots to update on. celebrated SS's birthday few days back. it was.... kik. hahaha. that's definitely one word to describe it.

gonna save that update for another time, after i edited the pictures. haiyy i really feel that i need a camera laaaa. T.T it's way nicer to take your own pics instead of waiting for others to upload them. plus, if i have my own camera i'll be the one doing the filtering, which means, NO UGLY PICTURES OF ME ONLINE EHEHE.

see what i did there? i added another 'need' onto my list. ughh i'm going to lose my mind soon if i don't stop. i need self control, lots of it. :(

why, just today, i checked out the Crocs stall in Boulevard and saw the yellow Crocs i've been eyeing since my KL trip. ughh should i get it? is it authentic? it should be right? wtf SHOULD I GET IT?? =.=
just shoot me already.

i'm so indecisive i can't make up my mind even if my life depended on it.

another thing on my list for now is that Argentina bag. MUST.HAVE.IT.  
so should i get both? or just the bag? gah... but but but i really like the shoes too. why don't i have unlimited money lah TELL ME!! :(

one more thing i find rather amusing. dalring and I went to Ming's last night. finally the roti bomb tastes niceeeee. hoho. okay but that's not the point. the more important part was our conversation.

at some point, we talked about how romantic movies are far different from real life. like, how many people actually fall in love at first sight? and at the same time? and the guy would be all gaga for the girl and can't wait to see her, get her number or whatever. then the girl of course would be stunningly gorgeous with not an ounce of fat on her. everyday is good-hair-day for her, and she wears different (designer) clothes

they meet, fall in love. go on second date. guy or girl does something that should (in real life) ruin their whole relationship and thus making them strangers once again. but no, somehow their 'soul mate' finds it in their heart to forgive him or her for her past or whatever she did wrong, and yes, they live happily ever after.

we all know that what happens in a movie, stays in a movie. things like these just never happen in real life. and yet we watch and fantasize about all these coming true. LOL! how silly. that's all i can say. but owh well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do - which is to dream of her perfect guy and in the end settling for someone average because this 'perfect guy' we're searching for, simply does not exist.

just wondering, how many of you even bother reading through every single word of my long ass posts? if you honestly did read my post, all of it, then please click the like button. this is an order i tell you. 

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