Sunday, January 16, 2011


well, today i used the hair bun thingy to twist my hair into a bun, leave it on for few hours, and when i took it off my curls are bigger. whatever. i'm just too bored.

it's night time again. the time when i usually think, too much. my thoughts today?

i realize i've made a few bad decisions in the past. okay maybe not just a few, a dozen will do i guess?
anyways, i just suck in making decisions. i can't make up my own mind even if my life depended on it. and that sucks.

ask the people i've pleaded to help me make a choice, i bet they felt like strangling me at the time but my pretty lil face stopped them from doing so, every single time. hehehe

okay. back to the point. i'm sorry for the things i've done. honestly i don't know what i'm apologizing about. i guess i just wished i participated more, y'know? :x

happy birthday to a very dear friend of mine. haha none other than ah Wee!! :D 

happy 21st birthday!! you're so old. ^.^ but i love you all the same. hahahaa <3

lately a lot of people have been telling me that my curls are nice. but when i look in the mirror all i see is a mess. but thanks to those compliments i'm thinking twice about straightening. hahaha. oh, my beloved bald patch is another reason. :/ 

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