Friday, January 14, 2011

hair issues.

erm.. what in the world is that thing growing on my head. wtf

as we all know, chinese new year is coming up, the perfect and only time excuse to buy as many clothes/shoes/bags as you want. of course, a new hairstyle is a must for the new year ahead. :o

so.... what should i do with my hair?
cut it? straighten it? or just shave it bald wtf

from the picture it seems like i have all the hair in the world, but truth is, i've been losing so much hair lately it's a miracle i still have hair! it looks 'a lot' because it's DRY. D:

to prove that i'm really seriously balding, i noticed a bald patch on my head the other day. WTTTTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
why is this happening to me laaa???

stupid hair. soooooooooo dry for what?? don't say i never treat you well. i always give you treatment. and you never liked the shampoos i buy for you, whether expensive or cheap. WHAT DO YOU WANT??

straight not straight, curl not curl. wtf FML

i know that picture of me is unflattering but this just goes to show that i am daring enough to post up ugly pictures of myself wtf wtf 

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