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FamHo 2010 Day #7 #8 #9

Day #7
16.12.2010 Thursday

arrived in KL round 7am. and guess what, the damn hotel was fully booked and we couldn't check in til 2pm that afternoon. :(

and i hadn't bathed since 7am the day before WTF
that was one of the worst feelings ever. imagine, my face is so oily, and my hair was like shit, pimples plus my peeled off skin not fully recovered yet. D:

we couldn't check in yet so we left our luggages in a room in the hotel and we walked around. we rode the MRT to somewhere and finally walked to KLCC. it was so damn tiring ughhh and made me even more sweaty and PISSED! the only bright side is at least nobody there knows me  -_-

fast forward to dinner time! :>
one of the reasons i love KL is because everything is so happening.
while waiting for my aunt to pick us, we saw this function at the entrance of the shopping mall, Fahrenheit. (our hotel is above the mall)
and they even have valet service (is that what you call it?) SO COOL LAH! in Miri where got! pay parking coupon also damn jia lat liao where got people pay other people to park their cars? LMAO.

not that i don't love Miri, i'm just crapping. heheheh

plus, i've always loved the city life. :)

 Pavilion! just stone's throw away :D

dinner was at this underground restaurant near the hotel. wtff so cool man. we used an escalator to go down. and inside was like.. huge. :o
there was even a grocery mall beside the eating place +_+

 new eyeliner! ;D
i'm really brave because i went into Watsons in KLCC looking like i just got out of the rubbish bin. :')

bought this too. ugh sucks. LOL

Day #8 
17.12.2010 Friday 

we went to Pavilion today. \m/
nothing much., took lotsa pics. i wonder what's with parents and pictures huh. when they see beautiful christmas decorations, they rush over and take a picture. not of it, with it. wtf

love the decoration? take a picture of the deco lah. why include yourself in the pic and ruin things? LOL JK

 got fat dao.

 these people also damn sakai keep take pictures. sohai! hahaha

 cute right! i was talking about the balloon. LOL!
i took a picture with the Hello Kitty one, but i've no idea where the picture is. haha
the balloon costs RM50. siao

we watched Tron Legacy in 3D. not worth it. less than half of the movie was in 3D okay.
but the lead actor is so the hot. habah habaaa :3

we finished the pop corn way before the movie started. LOL

 Lady Gaga. hahahaha

we headed back to ze hotel to wait for my aunt, dinner together again. :D
and guess what, bro showed dad his results that night and dad forced me to show mine too. T.T
he was damn angry lor but didn't scold me. guess why?
because he wanted to use faceboook. HAHAHAHAHA

isn't that like the most epic reason ever?
facebook, I owe you one ;)

bro #1 #2 and I went downstairs to the shopping mall for ice cream!

 rich oh him he bought it himself didn't want me to pay. :o

 there was this band singing. not bad la. but not much people watching luhh :/
we did clap. i even shouted leh. how supportive and nice of me. ^^

 walau. just look at my face. full of pimples.

 the ice cream so damn yummeh. and too filling like seriously i was struggling to finish it. and my bro's were like hurry eat it eat it! we're gonna meet mum now we don't want her to know we had ice cream.


but in the end mum found out because bro #2 had ice cream beside his mouth. -__________________-


hahhahahaahhahaha i bought this ducky pencil case in Pavilion!!!!!
not gonna tell you where because I DON'T WANT ANYONE ELSE TO HAVE IT MUAHAHAH <3

i love youuuuu <3 ehehehehehehe

my pimples look like freckles eh? ;D

Day #9
18.12.2010 Saturdayyy

our last day in KL. going back to Miri soon! :D 
umm. we went to IKEA i think:? wanted to go to the Curve but we didn't have enough time. :/ 

blah blah. bought a pair of shoes from Vincci. i don't know why i always go KL buy those brands that are also available in Miri -_- 
i'm hopeless. 

 my cousin so cute. haha
while the grown ups shopped, the children all sat on the bench and played. people passing by kept giving us weird looks.

keep your eyes to yourself tyvm.

 the guy on the left is my cousin. i think he's cute. ahhaha!

ahaha. finally am done with this post.

oh wait.

guess who I saw on my flight back?? :D

my beloved ai ren Wong Sing Sien of course! :DDDDDD <3
we first met at the check in counter. then who knew we sat together too. haha! this is known as fate. :))

remember those Raybans i was going crazy about? (Doreen should know hahaha)
i finally bought them! on New years eve. hehehe

spent my new years eve shopping with my dalring. hoho. after Parkson we headed to Merdeka Mall.

walked around looking for bags. and as usual she bought tonnes of stuff -0-
if I didn't stop her i think she would have bought everything in the shop. LOL! kik

had pre-dinner at Chicago 7. woahhh the things there damn nice! too bad i was kinda broke can't order more food. T.T
the next time i go there i wanna be fully loaded. ahahaha

then night time was dedicated to my family. :o
we sang karaoke til midnight then i headed to my room. heard the sound of fireworks but i was too lazy to look. LOL! i suck.

missed the gatherings with awhyo. seemed like so much fun counting down with a huge group of friends :\
i mean, they joined forces with other groups too. ahaha.
but then again, i don't think i'm cut out for it. don't know why i feel like hiding at home lately. too lazy to go out and have fun. maybe i lost my energy or something. my chakra. hahahha

the only one not so excited about celebrating was my dalring. HAHA! good good. at least i'm not the only old one here. ;D

bro singing Beat It and dad dancing.

*hides face in shame*

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