Thursday, January 6, 2011

FamHo 2010 Day #6

Day #6 
15.12.2010 Wednesday

our last day in Korea!
honestly, i couldn't wait to get my ass out of there. i hate the weather, i hate what it's done to my skin (pimples, red patches and whatnot), i hate the food (too healthy for my own sake) and i just freakin missed Malaysia. from the bottom of my heart wtf

we visited the village thingy that was closed the day before. damn it was so cold and yet we had to go through the tour pretending to be interested in the olden design of the Korean village houses. seriously? seriously.

i was so cold i can hear my teeth clattering. or maybe not.

next stop was the museum. omg i almost fell asleep. it's like sejarah all over again. LOL!
only this time, i can choose to listen or not. and well, i think you know what i chose ;)
and believe it or not, the museum is soooooo huge dad managed to get lost. -_-

only one pic of dad posing like a boss at the palace.

after all that visiting, it was time for some shopping.
bought some souvenirs, mainly those idol files. HAHA. SS501 and Boys Over Flowers. -0-
kinda regret it now. should have bought the Hello Kitty one in KL :(

anyways, fast forward to the end of the day. after dinner, we headed to the airport, our flight was at 12 midnight!
it was an emo moment when everyone bid farewell to the tour guide. sentimental.
and there was this business man queuing behind us. businessmen in suits = hot. i have no idea why i just said that 

bought Strawberry Chocolate from the last shop we went to. dang this small packet costs RM13.50. there was only 5 pieces of chocolate in it. not even enough to feed our whole family. KNS

and it wasn't even that nice.  puiii please don't be scammed like me. mum gave me the evil glare cause i was the one who kept asking her to buy. *looks away*

oh ya. i forgot to mention that we had Burger King for lunch. omg it was like heaven. LOL!
who knew i'm so addicted to unhealthy food D:

 despo for internet. haha

 guess what he's doing!
he's using the wireless mouse from his seat. HAHAHA

it was another horrible 6hours on the plane. thankfully i wore glasses because it was really dry on the plane. even with glasses and not contacts on, i feel my eyes turning red because it is so dry. T.T

P/s was supposed to combine days 7 8 and 9 together. but i seriously don't have the time to do that. sigh. very the sad. :( 
hopefully i'll blog soon. 

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