Wednesday, January 19, 2011

where is my golden turtle? LOL

believe it or not, i checked my watch this morning and had the shock of my life - i actually didn't realize it was Wednesday already!! this has never happened to me before. i never lose track of time day. :(

anyways, today was horrendous. firstly, i was late. what's worse was my boss was already there when i arrived wtf. usually she's only at the shop later during the day. so yeah, bad luck #1.

incident #2 was the fact that i had my period today. wtf. period pain FML. >:(

at some point, i was so annoyed at this particular customer's attitude and lost control i slammed the hanger on the table. i guess my boss saw me because at the end of the day she told us that it doesn't matter if you don't go and talk to the customers all the time, what's most important is that you keep your smile on. well guess who she's talking about? boohoo. and there goes #3. le sigh.

me no happy today. :(
well at least it's Thursday tomorrow. 20th as well. 14 more days to CNY! 12more days and i'm work free. 2 more days and my ai ren will be in Miri. :D

an ugly picture of me to end the post.
yeah, chopped off my hair and bleached it. going back to the saloon to dye it blonde tomorrow. it's so friggin dry, even worse than before. wtf was i thinking?? zzzz

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