Saturday, January 22, 2011

day 5

woohoo finally bought muh new bag. love love love it. have to admit it has its flaws, but owh well. nothing's perfect, i guess? :D

last night was fun. stayed over at Imperial Hotel. gahh slept for two hours only! D:
gonna take a nap after this brief update. :o

having dinner again tonight, then sing k after. hoho. hope i still have voice to sing later. screamed too much last night. hahaha
and it's really nice of my boss to let me have my off day on a Saturday. :) thank youuusss <3

one more thing, met with ah Wee last night too. supper at Desserts Master. oh man, i really missed her. ahaha. :p

okay that is all. really need to sleep! 

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