Tuesday, January 4, 2011


hello hello.

today's a good day for me. hehehe

firstly, i had my first ever customer to come up to me and ask for advice. haha. that's like woah?
it was hard, not knowing what the person wants and all that. and whether the two outfits go together or not. but all was well. she was nice, and friendly. yay :)

secondly, i went to Boulevard to buy shampoo after work. and the salesgirl started promoting her products to me. amazingly, i wasn't annoyed by her. haha maybe it was my good mood. or maybe it was the way she promoted. it's as if she wasn't pressuring me to buy.

it's quite expensive for such a small bottle of shampoo. but the girl did say that it lasts longer compared to the shampoo i originally wanted to buy because it's more viscous whereas the other shampoos are more watery. am i even making sense? wtf

i really liked the way she talked with me. like we're buddies or something HAHA
in the end she even gave me a lil bottle of treatment cream (i think?)
1000ml of the treatment cream costs 89.90.
iz expensive to me okayy. :((

last but not least, saw Crystal today. hahahaha. deliberately or not no one will ever know. ;D

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Jamie Wong said...

guess this really have to be something good. glad that you enjoyed your work :)