Friday, December 31, 2010

one of life's greatest mystery... solved!

before i start on this maybe-not-all-that-useful-post, might i say that this has got to be the greatest discovery of all time my life! 

but then again, maybe not.

so i was thinking, you know how people always say that "when we have money, we have nothing to buy. but when we don't have money, we feel like buying a lot of stuffs."

i finally realize why we think we feel that way.

truth is, we feel like buying a lot of things all the time. honestly, even if you owned all the clothes in the world, you'd find yourself thinking WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I GONNA WEAR TODAY??

 "no, i can't wear that, i already wore that last time."
" No, definitely not that."
" i don't feel like wearing that today. "

in the end, you'd come to the conclusion that you have nothing to wear.

regarding the quote aforementioned, when we have money, we do have a lot of things to buy as well. we just don't realize it because the moment we see that something, we buy it. no hesitation, no thought whatsoever. because at that moment of your life, you 'need' that something.

however, when we don't have money, we see things we 'need', a lot. that's when we keep mopping and whining why on earth we didn't save enough to buy those damn things.
(hey, i just defined my life!) 

hahaha. just saying okay. don't take me too seriously.

another thing i've realized is that wishlists never really work out. we create a list of things that we'd buy when we have money. but when the time comes that you finally do have enough money to buy, you think twice about buying it. saying things like do i really need it?

too bad we never thought twice about the things we do buy in the end, which most of the time, we don't really need.

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