Tuesday, December 7, 2010

there, i said it!

i hate how i run away whenever i don't want to deal with things. i should be stronger.
i hate how people pretend that everything's okay when obviously there's something going on. is it so hard to just tell me what's happening? if you think it'll "hurt my feelings", then surely you should know that not telling hurts my feelings just as well.
i hate it when people tell me things that i want to hear. if you're not going to do what you say, then don't say. stop giving out false hope. have you any idea how hurt it is to have your expectations crushed?
i hate how i even give a shit sometimes. there are things that i really should just forget about and move on.

i don't like the way you talked to me just now. just venting it all here. anyways, i'm going to refrain myself from using vulgarities from now on. nobody is worth dirtying my mouth for. oh, and just so you know, shit isn't a vulgarity. *cough.

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