Monday, December 20, 2010


time for some very late updates. :D

celebrated Karen's birthday on the 7th of Dec at Double Star. all of us were present and i'm sorry to say that I was late once again. oops! :s
 i didn't realize they switched off the lights. :o

 just look at the cake. Susan made it herself. haha.

ah, the scandalous pair. LOL JK!

anyways, the place closed up early cause it was a public holiday that day. so we stood outside, deciding on where to head next. nobody had any idea -_- so we stood there talking for quite some time before finally heading off to Ah Tao's. :D

was so so bloated that night. hope you had fun Karen babee :D


8th Dec 2010, Wednesday.

watched movie at Doreen's place, with Sanjeet and Joan. ahaha. we ordered pizza! oh and we did some fb stalking too. 

yum yumm. a lil' tip: the pizza looks and taste better delivered compared to eating there. :o just saying.

sadly, after eating i had to leave awhile. off to get my pay from Maxis. :D

ngehehe. don't give me that look. i've spent all of it already. T_T

then after that, headed back to Doreen's. then after awhile more, left for church. am i a busy woman or what?! xD

after mass, chatted with my dalring in church. while waiting for time to pass. we headed to the Christmas Bazaar at the public library! it wasn't that christmassy. but we did enjoy walking around and shoppingggg.
and and and, i bought this!!


after that, Ming's! :D
didn't watch a movie in the end, so we walked round parkson then headed to Desserts.

9th Dec 2010. Thursday.
went out with Karen and Noorul! :D
we had KFC. woosh it tasted so good, too bad the wedges shrank! wtf
erm didn't shop much, so we watched Narnia. ngehehe. and Noorul's bf so cute. when he found out that she's in Parkson he insisted that he comes too. LOL!

they look cute together :3

oh and i bought this too. in hopes that i'll somehow bump into Kim Hyung Jun (my love FOREVER) or any other korean superstar in Korea and ask them to sign this magazine. no such luck though. HAHA

okay. that's all. i realize i'm very lazy in updating my blog now.
while in Korea i kept thinking bout blogging bits of moments in my blog once i get back. but now i'm back and all i want to do is sleep. D:
can you believe that i actually slept the whole day yesterday? waking up in between to eat of course. -___-

but don't worry. i will update bout my Korea trip. someday. 

first, a few spoilers:

yes, i did see snow. :D
no, i didn't see Kim Hyung Jun. :(
yes, the weather is sibeh cold and
no, i don't mean it in a good way. :|

PS: do ignore my previous post. i tend to get slightly, emotional. #itsagirlthing

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