Tuesday, December 28, 2010

FamHo 2010 Day #2

wokay, just changed the title to FamHo which stands for Family Holiday. ROFL. i don't know why i'm so bunga -_-

11.12.2010 (Saturday)
 not much happened today. we had breakfast with my aunts, uncle, and them cute little cousins. in the car, when my aunt told my cuz that we're having dimsum today, she kept saying she wants spaghetti instead of dim sum! and things like dim sum isn't tasty at all.

funny thing was, when we arrived at the place, she said "ei mummy. we're eating here? i like the dimsum here!" then she kept on smiling and giggling and saying that she loves the dimsum here. LOL

after that very filing breakfast, we were off to the airport. heading to Korea!! :D
the ride to the airport was very very long. one thing i don't really like about KL.
just saying.

 this is my cousin who complained about having dim sum for breakfast. LOL!

we kinda look alike, maybe because we were both wearing red. haha


ughhh the two little sisters insisted on touching every single thing in my bag. wtf
but i was too tired to care. lolol. actually secretly i was kinda worried they'd find my watch. not the one i always wear, the other white one. LOL! can you believe i actually brought that watch with me because i'm afraid i'd lose it if someone burglared our house? (choiii) i think too much.

my other aunt in the car in front of us.

and that was it. we were off to Korea! :D
and believe me when i say, 6hours in a plane is definitely not a good feeling. :[

hmm, i wrote some stuff on the paper bag provided inside the plane. imma copy off that. :)

11.12.2010, 7:33pm
6 hours is definitely NOT a short time =.= 
it's 7:33pm now, landing at 9:05pm :D that's like, very soon, woots! \m/

ANYWAYS, the captain just announced that it's -5Celcius! LOL! Am so happy kay. :) 
I really really hope it's snowing when we step out of the plane *hopeful* 

we were so excited. as the plane was landing, everyone on the plane started wearing their scarves, hats, gloves etc. made us kinda anxious. like, how cold is -5 degrees right?

and believe it or not, the airport was so huge, we actually had to ride a MRT (inside the airport) to get to the luggage area. :O *sakai

here's everyone waiting for the train.

saw this kinda hot guy, by kinda hot, i mean he dresses well, but can't have a clear view of his face. haha. and yea, he was wearing a mask, so i can't see his face! at first, i thought he was the shuai ge in my class leh. ROFL. i think i'm too deprived of shuai ge's that i'm starting to hallucinate. D:

skip to the part where we met with our tour guide, Mr Kim! :D he's funny, kind, and old. hahaha. then we headed to the bus. and oh my gosh, once we stepped out of the door, the wind blew towards our face, and it was damn cold. it really felt like someone threw ice cold water to my face. it was WOW. HAHAHA

and when we talked, there was smoke!! SMOKE! just like in the movies. and we sakai-ed even more. me and my two younger brothers kept blowing smoke HAHAHA and laughed like crazy. it was one of the best moments in my life. :)

what i wrote in the bus:

11.12.2010, 9:43pm [10:43pm Korea time]
Haha. we're on the bus now. took us some time getting from the airplane to where we are now. can you believe we actually needed a train to get to the terminal! that's how big gigantic the airport is :O hahaha.

Okay. here's the fun part. The temperature is -5C. (WTF RIGHT????) And when we were out of the airport, it was freezing cold, no snow though. But am still hoping :) 

when we talked, smoke came out of our mouths WOOTS!! FTW.

I can die happy now. ^^

pictures! :)

excuse our sakai face. people never experienced such cold weather and having smoke come out of your mouth when you talk before mah!

 mum or dad took this. and they said that it's embarassing when i take pictures of food when dining outside. uhh??

 view from the plane. ;D

 at Incheon Airport.
look at everyone's faces. HAHA. now we know 6hours on AirAsia isn't pleasant, at all!


 handsome oh! (here's his youtube. he makes Maple videos. haha subscribe subscribe! :)

 LOL at this pic. I was already super exhausted. then my youngest bro offered to help me take a pic, but he took so long to take it! I was getting impatient, hence the face. :P


slept early that night, because we had to wake up 6am the next day! D: that's too early for me.

sorry no picture of snow, yet. maybe in the next post. hehe :)

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