Friday, December 31, 2010

FamHo 2010 Day #5

14.12.2010 Tuesday

after breakfast, we headed to the Amethyst Centre? whatever you call it la. neways, the guy was talking bout how Amethyst brings luck blabla. and there's this huge Amethyst stone that is said to bring good luck? he asked us to make a grabbing gesture with our left hand above the stone, which is like, grabbing luck and fortune for ourselves throughout the year. and since i was standing nearest, i was the first to do that. LOL!!! YAY MONEY FOR ME THROUGHOUT 2011!! :P

and guess what? after grabbing my 'fortune' outta the stone, i left the store with a brand new necklace! 
mum was choosing a necklace while we 4 siblings goofed around the place. when i passed by i noticed she had out various cross necklaces. and i was like, O_O could she be choosing one for me? but shrugged that thought off. hahaha 

well, hehe in the end it really was for me. thanks so much mum :D

next stop, was the cosmetic store. hohoho. 
there was a lot of tourists there. and i mean, a lot. D: 

there were various stations with a salesgirl in the middle, introducing the products to us. free trial! hahaha. and yeah, the products really do produce immediate result. but damn costly luh. one set is like RM400+ ? obviously not affordable for me. haha 

but my mum bought lor. AHEM. say me hiao. who's hiao now! LOL 

 oh me oh my. *faints*

Lee Jun Ki!! :D

 my face just exploded. wtf


 the apple green bus! :D
and i like this pic dunno why. waahha

after the cosmetic shop, we headed to the Ginseng Centre. my gosh, i was already slightly car sick, the smell of ginseng made it worse :X 

and we weren't allowed to take pictures. cheh. who wants to take picture of your stupid ginseng. i really hate the salesgirls working there. after the ginseng place, was a store selling tidbits. when we tried the samples, the salesgirl actually glared at us. wtf much. -bitch slap- 
we weren't even done shopping yet and she was like, "the exit is over there everyone." -___- 

we had ginseng chicken for lunch. me no likey. it was too..... tasteless. D: 

after that we went shopping. in Dong Dae Mun. 
damn it was so cold. the wind was blowing so strongly. i was car sick and still hungry. wtf. pity. 

nothing much to see honestly. the clothes are either too fashionable (for me), winter wear, or just not to my liking. mum gave us 10,000 won which is RM30. lolol. so had to use the money wisely. and the things there are definitely not cheap! you know those road side stalls selling foods like hotdog on sticks (but here it's different food lah not hot dog, no idea what's on their stick). it costs round 2k to 3k won. which is RM6-RM9. THAT IS NOT CHEAP FOR FOOD SOLD BY THE ROAD! 

oh, before that we went to some village thingy. but the place was closed. so we had to go back the next day. -.- honestly i don't mind not going back at all, just saying. 

and we went to the President's House as well. not inside though. just outside. blah blah. i pity the guards there. they had to stand still with the wind blowing straight at them. walauuu so kelian. :( 

 me also very kelian. had to take picture with this drum thingy. it was seriously damn cold. stupid wind.
but it seemed like everyone except me was immune to the wind. arghh bloody

then it was the shopping i mentioned before, and back to ze hotel! 

 this hotel not bad. but kinda scary honestly LOL
cause the light at the door will switch off by itself.

tv tv. haha

dinner was on our own that night. Mr Kim brought us to China Town, a street filled with Chinese Restaurants. and again, we had to walk from the hotel. SO COLD. that was all i could think about. :\ 

dinner was... funny. hahaha. we didn't really communicate well with the waitress. we ended up with so much food. and all are dumplings. and pau's. LOLOL -_- 

okay, end of Day5. the last few days at Korea were kinda dreadful. mostly because of the weather. and my skin started to came off by then. which made me frustrated because i put lotion so why is this still happening to me!! :( 

and maybe because shopping in Korea wasn't what i expected. the malls aren't as nice as well. KL's shopping is wayyy better. :o 


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