Monday, December 27, 2010

FamHo 2010 Day #1

finally got the pics from the camera! now you know how lazy i am!

well, i'll update bout my year end family trip very systematically, hopefully not leaving out any exciting event that happened.

10th December 2010. (Friday) 
our flight to KL is 10AM. i packed the night before. truthfully, i think i got this packing thing bagged. < was that a pun? ngeheh.

 i don't see what's the fuss in packing. i mean, maybe i was born to pack my bags and leave or something, because packing seemed all too easy for me. all i had to do was ask my mum how many sets of clothes she's bringing, then i'd throw in the same amount, but with one set extra. then voila, i'm ready! :D

 soi kuan face!

once we arrived in KL, we hopped on a van and headed to my aunt's place. we threw in our luggages then headed out to 1Utama. my aunt was like, "waa you all hardcore oh."

i have no idea what's in his mouth.

we had lunch at this place called Lammeeya. honestly, my dish barely passed. but i did try out my mum's, hers tasted like heaven compared to mine. -.-

after lunch, which was at 3PM or so, we walked around. hoho
i think i only bought a ribbon hair band that day. well, didn't shop much this trip. sad sad. but it's okay cause I had fun nevertheless.

more pics because i have nothing to say. LOL!

 i am in love with the Christmas decorations in the malls in KL!!!!


 daddy gave us RM50! which is cool and all, except for the fact that when he gave me RM50, i had to share it with my two lil' brothers. but for my first bro, he had the RM50 all to himself. -__-

 why so serious? LOL!

 we look alike don't we? cause both our face damn ROUND! > :(

ohh and while walking, we passed by the Sticky shop, which Xiaxue promoted before! sure enough, the workers are busy making candy, so many people were there watching. haha so we gebo gebo also. ;D

bo bian. this camera too noob le. so all the pics came out blurry. too bad. not that candy making is that interesting and all.

 one costs RM15.

i saw the cutest duck stuff toy, pencil case etc in one of the shops!! I fell in love immediately. i kept touching all the products wtf with a silly smile on my face somemore. i bet the people there either think i'm slightly retarded, or a thief.

i kept leaving the ducks and coming back to look at them. kept asking my brother whether i should buy or not but nobody would give me an answer! so in the end i didn't buy it. :C
and yes, i am very indecisive. sometimes i just need someone to tell me whether i should buy it or not. but i'd most probably not listen and buy it anyways. -_-

at night, after dinner, we all headed to another aunt's house to celebrate her daughter's birthday. just a small and simple celebration. we were all too full for cake. haha

 old people. tsssk

 this cousin of mine is so evil. he keeps hitting me during this visit. wtf. which only means i'll be getting the same treatment later on during chinese new year. T.T

the only one he likes now is my 2nd brother. eeesh. he can't even stand me sitting beside him. wtf did i do?

 well at least i have this lil cutie as my fan. hahaha.
she told her dad that she wanted me to sleep over at their place that night. her dad said, "why don't you take a picture, it lasts longer." lolol !

birthday girl in red. :)

okay. that's all for Day 1. TOODLES!

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