Friday, December 3, 2010

tweet here tweet there tweet everywhere

 i like this shirt. 
first day of work. not bad. can't really feel my legs though, and i sold nothing today. not to mention the fact that i lost my form TWICE, but luckily someone returned it to me the second time. LOL! phew~

 it was fun. bonded with YM, laughed quite a lot cause there's this sohai working with us. made new friends, snaked inside to chat with Crystal and Linda. had SugarBun burger and it tasted like heaven (i bet if i had it on normal days i would have complained the shit out of it). ngehehe. okay i'm too tired for words, just wanted to show off the shirt. ;) 

 oh ya,
for the next three days, MAXIS IS THE BEST TELCO IN MIRI! :D

if you happen to be looking for a broadband so you can online anytime, anywhere, do support Maxis! SUPPORT ME!!

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