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FamHo 2010 Day #4

13.12.2010 Monday 
breakfast once again. dang, the buffet breakfast provided in this hotel was by far, the best i've ever had. yumms!

after that, finally, it is time for skiing. ughh we waited so long for this. :D
btw, the night before, our tour guide said that it is going to snow today! because the night before, the moon and stars are not visible, which means that it is cloudy, so it's gonna SNOW! ;D


 keep asking me to take pics of him so he can post it up on facebook, but when i do he slouches as if reluctant to take a pic. -_-

 muh signature pose. :D

frost bite! i think. can't really tell from this pic, but that time there were like claw marks on my leg :/

we got our gear, snow shoes, all that. it is impossible to walk in those snow shoes. wtf. i was struggling to keep up :(

there were so many people on the field, whatever you call it. ahaha. i was actually quite good at skiing *cough. never fell, not even once. until one time when i was talking to my brother, lost my balance then fell. T.T

it hurt okay! my ass yo. ahaha. the next few times i fell because i was trying to avoid the people while skiing down the slope. we weren't taught how to stop or turn so yea, sometimes the only option is to fall down.

i noticed something about the people there. they are not friendly at all. there were a few times i was skiing and almost hit some people so i kept on saying sorry while trying my best to stop or turn away. in the end i didn't hit them but they just looked at me then looked away. some didn't even bother to look. hello? i said sorry leh at least smile or what ma. #$%($#*(%#

and there was a guy whom i was trying to avoid hence i fell. he looked at me then walked away. kns. seriously kns. -___- obviously he isn't good looking at all, because if he were, i wouldn't mind. HAHA

but in the Koreans' defense, there are still some rare good people left. at some point, my youngest brother fell so bro #1 and I went over to rescue him. during the process, bro #1 lost balance and fell too. HAHAHA. and his ski sticks (whatever in the world you call those things) fell to the ground as he continued to slide downwards. LOLOL. so I slowly walked over to get them back so he could stand back up. THEN, a few professional skiers (assuming they are because they're wearing the ski school uniform) skied pass us. and the last guy stopped (so effortlessly *swoons*), picked up the sticks and handed them to me. i said thanks, he didn't smile at all (boohoo) and then skied away. and that was it. all i remembered of him is his uniform number, which is 47. his face? didn't see clearly because he was wearing the ski glass! D:

okay so maybe this wasn't a very good defense because he didn't smile! :(


shit aside, i did have fun skiing. wahaha. though climbing walking up the slope was damn hard. you keep sliding down LOL

 our tour group :D

 i must be really happy because you can see my teeth. :D

 oh and it snowed!!! IT REALLY DID :D
halfway skiing it started to snow. and it got heavier. WOOHOO <3

my lifelong dream has finally come true. i finally witnessed snow. touched snow. yayyy <3

eventually we got tired. and it was time to go back to the hotel. we were checking out and moving to another hotel.

but of course, the sight of snow was simply too beautiful for words. so more pictures for now. :D

 since when i'm so artistic? okay just kidding.
neways, we had lunch at the same place. kinda got sick with the food in Korea already. it's too healthy.

like seriously.

after lunch, some of us were kinda slow. so the tour guide threw snow balls at the late comers. hahaha. funnehhhh.

we went to return the ski equipments! if you remembered, this was my golden and final chance to buy the hello kitty hat. so i told dad about it. he said "why don't we just buy when we go shopping. they're bringing us shopping tomorrow. "

and that was that. :( sigh. before that i was so sure i was gonna get the hat. where did my confidence go? i guess i just figured why buy it, it's not like i'd be able to wear it in Malaysia right? so I was down the whole trip to the KimChi making farm. i even thought bout waiting in the bus, because i was freezing, plus i wasn't interested in Kim Chi making at all. thankfully i kept my mouth shut because if i didn't get out of the bus, then i would have missed the chance to see the oh so handsome guy there. he is the most handsome guy i've seen throughout the whole Korea trip!! and that's saying something.

so, grumpy was I, i went to the toilet while everyone else were at the farm listening to the tour guide. and when i went out, this super duper cute guy passed me by. i just barely lifted my head, and he passed already. and i was like, wtf where did he came from? it didn't seem like anyone was living in the farm  LOL.

oh and did you know Koreans eat dogs? :|

anyways, after that we went to this place where they let you try on Korean costumes. it's in a small house just stone's throw from the farm. and sure enough, the handsome guy was there. WTF *~*

and yea, he kinda looks like Lee Jun Ki (which is my first ever Korean crush), but his eyes are slightly bigger? hmm his face is fading from my memory already :C should have gotten his FB. le sigh

after the costume trying + photo taking, (bro #1 and #2 and I didn't try by the way, and mum was kinda pissed :/) we headed to the next room for Kim Chi making!!!!

 confused faces. hahaha

i throw my hands up in the air sometimes, sayin' aiyooooooo, i can't make Kim Chi~

well, my kim chi was far from fabulous. but i did have fun making it. ahaha. the cute guy's dad (assuming this is a family thing) was quite good looking too. and friendly. ahh finally a friendly Korean. :>

he said, that in Korea, a woman must at least make Kim Chi twice, if not they won't be able to find a husband. LOL! one more Kim Chi making session and i'm eligible. HAHA ^.^

 dad complaining that i always take pictures of the food instead of him. so i took a picture of him.

 was too hungryyyy, so only took a pic after eating

after dinner, headed to the Premium Outlets.

 i love the place man. the design of the stores i mean. haha
not like i can afford all those branded stuffs.

 first shop we went in was Adidas. ughhh honestly the things quite cheap leh. adidas slippers cai RM40++ oh.
and i saw a pair of shoes, which i've never seen in Miri OR KL before. but of course a certain someone said no. :(

honestly, what was i thinking not saving money for these family trips? ughh next time need to save tonnes of money and go change it so mum can't say no to whatever i want to buy. HEHE
but then again there's the problem of bringing all those things back. hmmmm

 gorgeous Christmas deco.

a stranger offered to help take this pic. hehehe
i imagined him running away with our camera but he didn't. HAHA.

 we had Crazy Crepes. :D
amazingly, the guy at the counter spoke chinese! O_O

when i wanted to order, he told me to go and look at the numbers and tell him, LOL. cool~

two of these costs RM27. hhahaha KIK!

that's it for Day 4. headed back to the hotel and zzzzz. :D like a pig. yipeee.
oh, and the crepes? heavenly.

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