Wednesday, December 29, 2010

FamHo 2010 Day #3

12.12.2010 Sunday 

morning call was at 6am. (wtf) and by 7am we all had to be ready for breakfast. i don't know bout you, but i just adore those breakfast buffets in hotels. haha

it was a long bus ride to somewhere. then we rode a ferry to Namison Island. parts of Winter Sonata were filmed here.

see the trees?

i think it's this. OR maybe it was somewhere else. dad has the pics boohoo. okay urm i can't find the pic of those trees. D:

oh well.

the island was kinda big, the tour guide told us bits of stories bout the island, but i couldn't focus because it was simply too cold. i was shivering!

took a lot of pics there. there's snow everywhere, which is a pretty sight. but it wasn't snowing though. there's even a wild ostrich there. LOL! and squirrels, and ducks. hahaha. adorable. :>

okay, pictures for now.

 soooo artistic. i feel proud. hahaha

 notice that part of the river/pond/lake was frozen.  *sakai


 this so niceeee

 haha. his hair looks so adorable after taking off his beanie. :D

 it was really cold. i was shivering all the way. couldn't feel my feet, and my fingers.
there were like fire places to warm ourselves. i put my hand so close but it didn't help. :(

 huge pyramid made from magazines. :o
that's my brother. as much as i hate to admit, he's taller than me now. sometimes i look at him, and think. am i really that short??? wthhh

 Lover's Fountain. :D

 can you see the ostrich? haha. it walked around like a boss. cool!

(btw i think these are the trees in the drama!!)

 (this was taken before we left the hotel.)
still so happy. not knowing that i was about to almost freeze myself to death. :s

this was our lunch:

cabbage with chicken. yum yum. first they fry the chicken and cabbage,then after awhile they add in rice. Korean rice is so yummeh. because it's sticky with some seaweed on top. :O~

after we were done with lunch, another group of people came. and their tour guide added kimchi sauce into their chicken and cabbage mixture. it looked so delicious T.T


no worries. i hate kimchi anyways. ahahaha. *in denial

 handsome oh. now i know where i get my good looks from. *cough

funny. with his hair like that, he really does look like a Harvard student. XD

here's what happened next. we went to a Ski Shop to rent some ski equipments for skiing the next day. and at that very shop, i fell in love with a Hello Kitty hat. T.T

it cost RM45 and to me, that was quite reasonable. but mum said no, because we didn't have much cash left, especially since renting the ski equipments needed us to pay by cash. devastated was i.

so yeah, you know me. i was kinda bummed the whole day. but i still had some hope in me la, because we were going back to the shop to return the equipments right? XD that was my plan. LOL!

we checked into the ski hotel, then walked to Peak Island Waterpark. (very near only lol)
wow i actually wore a swim suit WTF. i figured since there wouldn't be anyone i know there so just what evvs lah. hahaha

okay, a little something i wrote in the hotel room:

12.12.2010 5:18pm
saw the most adorable Hello Kitty snow hat at the store where we rented our ski suit! damn, it costs RM45 and I swear it's gonna be mine the next time we visit that store. (to return our things, hopefully). it's like it was made for me. just saying ^.^

went swimming just now, looked hideous in swimming suit ughh =.= but i had fun though. up til the point where I suddenly remembered the Hello Kitty. T__T

SAD THING is my hair is so so dry now. my mum insisted on combing it just now and I actually let her! ROFL

the swimming pool was okay. it's the sauna and locker rooms that are super FREAKY. when we went in, naked girls were everywhere WTF. spooky. haha. sorry lah. am not that open minded. Neways, they wouldn't let us soak even our legs in the hot pool just because we were wearing swimming suits. By we, I meant me and my mum. lol. what my dad and bro's had to go through is a whole different horror story!  (imagine my lil brothers' faces when they see naked men HAHAHAHA)

there was ZERO changing rooms, it was as if this was a scheme for us to go bare naked in front of strangers. WTF there was nowhere out. so in the end we did change in open air :/ 


and  that, my friend, is the story of how i walk through the cold weather, without any bra and underwear. HAHAHA. seriously. so kik.

there was this room for the girls to apply make up, blow dry their hair etc. and i saw some girls, tip toeing to look in the mirror or maybe putting on their make up, naked. WTF i almost fainted. *smacks forehead*

and no, no pics. LOL

the image of naked girls walking around will haunt me forever. how you people watch porn i will never comprehend. 


 yuxkkkkkk. how am i supposed to marry a Korean if i don't like their signature dish? :(

they look tired. haha

after dinner, the tour guide brought us to see the skiing place. it was -6 degrees i think. i almost died. no shit. i was shaking so hard i could barely speak. how in the world do people survive -40++ degrees?? insane!

 our tour guide said, if we decide to ski from the top of the hill, he'd call 911 first. LOL

that's it for day 3! :)
skiing tomorrow. woots <3

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