Friday, December 24, 2010

11:11pm, or maybe not

just done watching Easy A. and i just realized that Penn Badgley is so the handsome! in a goofy kind of way. aka, MY TYPE WTF.

hey, it's a really nice movie, three thumbs up, hehe. and I used to think Emma Stone isn't pretty from pictures all that, but after watching I actually find her not that bad. ;D pretty! :)

A stands for AWESOME.

ahh. shirtless Penn is the best. now i'm starting to wonder why i find you not attractive at all in Gossip Girl. i guess it's probably because there's Chuck Bass, oh and Nathaniel Archibald. (Nathaniel sounds so much sexier than Nate, or maybe because that's how Chuck calls him LOL) nevertheless, you did grew much, much hotter when your dad married Serena's mum, thus making you rich. hehee just saying.


UNFFFF << it's a tumblr thing ;}

and one more thing, there's this guy *points up* in the movie. he looks so much like Matt Lanter!!! I thought it was him but he's so much skinnier than Matt Lanter in the movie, made him looked like he was on drugs or something -_-

look alike? haha maybe a bit.

Penn looked so hot as the blue devils mascot but sadly, i couldn't find any pics on Google. D:
SO, i print screened LOL!!!

SO HOT. okay i'm gonna go fantasize now wtf
(see i'm so good i put my bloglink at the side, you bitches can easily crop out Penn Badgley and use it as wallpaper or something. ha ha)

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