Friday, December 24, 2010


hello! :)

went out with Doreen and Sanjeet this afternoon. had a really great time though it was just a short shopping trip and i didn't buy anything.

first off, picked them both from Kaya Toast House. they did their nails somewhere there, and we were off to Parkson. walked around the baby section, (Doreen's sister is giving birth soon aiyer she's gonna be an aunt soon so nice!) then to the swimming suit section. ahh all the swimming suits so nice one, if only i had the body and confidence to wear it in public. xD

while Sanjeet was choosing her swimsuit, Doreen and I wandered around and Do fell in love with this Rip Curl bag. ahh it's so nice really but it cost like rm200+ eeesh. so damn sadddd

and then we entered the children's section, where they sell all those Ben 10, Winnie the Pooh, Spongebob, Barbie, Cinderella stationeries and whatnot. children nowadays are so lucky. ughh (see how much we complain? ahaha)

anyways, Sanjeet bought her swimsuit, it looked good on her yo. ;]
and off to Watsons! I love Watsons. ahaha. and i still can't decide whether i should buy the hair dryer or not. it's pink and it's the only one left! :3 but will i even use it? seeing as how lazy i am (Crys, 2010). arghh decisions decisions. once again the term 'unlimited cash' and 'wealthy parents' comes into mind.

if only i had 'unlimited cash', then i won't have to make these petty decisions.
if only i had 'wealthy parents' who don't filter and limit my spending, then i won't have to make these petty decisions.

makes sense? totally. 

who knew all that shopping drained us out so much. so we rested at Coffee Bean. honestly, Starbucks is better. haha. Coffee Bean is so empty nowadays, the only customer they have is the staff's friends. wtf kelian. anyways, am typing in italic because i'm too lazy to change the font. plus it looks nicer ei? hahaha. 

 Sanjeet showing off her nails. me looking retarded in the background. T.T




at night, went to Kent's Garden for dinner with awhyo ;D
love hanging out with them. lately, i feel inseparable with them :o maybe because Susan and Sing Sien are leaving soon bah. once they're gone, the ones left in Miri will be too lazy to organize anything. i'm sure of it! haha

the food there not bad, quite reasonable the price, especially the drinks.
after dinner, which was bloating btw, we went to the open air market to try out the mee which according to PL, makes you not Mirian if you haven't tried it out. LMAO!
too bad when we arrived there was no more mee. so After Three it is!

we sat there and instead of looking at the menu, we talked about other places we should have gone to. LOL! in the end we all dashed out of the place and hid behind the pillars of the shophouses opposite. hahaha. funneh!

anyways, we went to Starbucks in the end. lolol. ughhh i love love love Starbucks! for no particular reason. just love the logo. LOL! and the snowflakes on the plastic cup. it's amazing how i can fall in love so easily wtf. gila. really considering the Starbucks tumbler now. i think i should consult my personal shopper, aka Doreen. ahaha <3 so, whatdaya thing babe? yes or no? :P

okay another reason i love Starbucks so much is because i see tonnes of Starbucks pictures on tumblr. and they're all gorgeousss

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