Monday, December 6, 2010

郎才女貌 !

one minute it happens... the next it's on my blog. :D

the pc fair's over. finallyyyyyyy. it's been a long and fun ride, filled with happy, sad, angry and tonnes of other emotions. it was kinda tiring, a lot of snaking and chatting around with friends. but at the end of the day, departing each other seemed so hard. my heart felt heavy at the thought of never seeing them again. :\

they are all wonderful people. well, most of them. *cough

there's this girl called Allison. ahh, the second day I was down in the dumps cause i didn't sold shit. i was devastated and wanted to just quit then and there. but i felt so much better after talking to her. seeing how positive she was made me not sad anymore. :D so thanksssss. so so much.

of course, throughout the three days of PC fair, YM and I bonded. once I was trying to show her a cute guy i saw, then there was a tall man in his 30s or 40s standing in front of us. when we looked up, he looked at us too. so we were kinda embarrassed cause he might have heard our conversation. -__-
when we lifted our heads again, he looked at us, again.
and he said: "做么?顶到你们哈?" (why? i'm blocking you two ha?) then walked away. LMAO!!

not only that, we made new friends, gained new experience on the Maxis Broadband. but sadly i still suck at closing the sales. after i've said everything i know about the product i just stand there and smile like a goofball. SAD CASE.

oh and yesterday, the last day of the PC Fair, Kevin, YM and I sat by the road and slacked. :D
woohoo. ym and I were singing to our heart's content then Kevin just sat there looking embarrassed. HAHA! it was fun. seriously. :D

and here's the view at the place we sat. LOL JK.

this was the view! we even promoted to some of the people passing by. most of which looked at us as if we're three homeless kids or something. screw you!

i bought a PINK cooler from Crystal too! PINK!!! :D
oh, and we didn't win anything from the lucky draw. boohooo :(

i think that's pretty much it. suddenly no mood. tmd.

 thanks da jiee for the hello kitty pencil case/make up pouch. haha
lovess it <3

oh and did you guys know that I was the first to see her? muahahhaha. just saying (A)

yayy <3

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