Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas everybody! wanted to Google a fancy 'Merry Christmas' pic or something but realize what better way to greet my lovely readers than to use a pic of my own? hehe.

yay it's that wonderful time of the year again. time of giving, sharing, love and joy. :) more importantly, we celebrate and rejoice in the birth of Jesus Christ. yea. i personally love Christmas the best. no offence to the other holidays. haha

it just have this... special feeling to it. like, happiness. pure, happiness.

this year, we held a open house. hoho. a lot of mum's friends came. the place was packed. my bro and I were busy washing plates. siao! but it was kinda interesting. haha the adrenaline rush and all, scared that there won't be enough plates/glass/cutleries for the guests, something like that. haha it was fun.

and believe it or not, i actually sang during the party! wuahaha. though i have to admit there wasn't much people left that time. but still!! *proud face*
Heidi has a really nice voice. ughhh. admire her much much. haha ;P

 the necklacessss. not my face! :D
the cross is from mum! mum actually bought it for me in Korea, without me asking her to. which really means a lot to me cause i was telling her about buying a cross necklace. ahh. :)

the heart shaped one is from Heidi. we sort of went shopping at Boulevard the other day. and she bought it for me! haha. thank you thank you <3

 from dalring! :D

all things Hello Kitty. she knows me well. hehe. i love the ring!! so cute. <3

  this one from Steph. :))
i didn't get her anything! damn need go present hunting liao T.T

haha. this cute lil thang from Karen babe. xoxo much love muahaha. :D

yay Argentina shirt from dad!! actually i puppy eyed him into buying it for me, and it was Boxing Day. HAHA but oh well., it still counts as a Christmas present! wakaka <3


i'm really glad we talked this morning. and thanks for the gift, dalring. and also Steph. and Karen. and Heidi and my parents too. haha. :)

hope everyone had a merry and blessed Christmas. 

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