Friday, December 11, 2009

ten things you ought to know by now

who am I? 
that's a secret I'll never tell

 just joking! I'm not Gossip Girl okayys!
no need to keep my identity a secret

I've realized, that I've never really done a post on myself. like.. introducing myself blablabla

        lol. so here I am, writing this shit.

and if you haven't noticed, 
one of my eye is bigger than the other. T~T

let's make it #10 things you should know about ME. by now.

#1 I love PINK. not the singer, the colour.

   if only my room was this pink and this cute and this clean.

       this girl is way more obsessed with pink than I am.

#2 I adore shopping. this, my friend, is my obsession.

sadly, big luxurious shopping malls aren't available in Miri.

 Parkson, aka Bintang Plaza - Miri's most famous gathering spot for teens.

#3 My all time favourite brand is...

if you don't know this you might as well slap yourself. no wait, bitch slap yourself better. Just Do It. :P

I'm a big Nike fan. hehe

I lurveeee Nike stuffs idk why :/
   there's just something bout its designs that draws me to it.

just look at the Gold bling-ed shoe.! *drools

#4 I hate, H.A.T.E., beaches.

don't get me wrong, the view is stunning and all,
 I just dun like the beach water. it's salty, eew. and who knows there's jellyfish?! double eew!

scuba diving. oh my gosh where should I begin?
  I hate hate hate scuba diving!!!!
every year whenever we go for our holidays, mum definitely will drag me to scuba dive! wtf?!

every year I refused, but every year I succumbed to her and scuba dived.
   thus, every year I get a new 'souvenir' from scuba diving, if you know what I mean.

every single freakin' time I scuba dive, I manage to cut myself without fail. no matter how careful I am. T~T

 need I say more?

#5 Hello Kitty is loveee ♥

I love HK, it's just sooooooo irresistably cute!
 idk why so many people are against it, but I love it.

 I want this room! RAWR!

adorable! :P

#6 Bling is my thing. :P

this is the 2nd time I've bling-ed my phone.

this was how it looked like the 1st time.
  I improved, rite?

more pix of the bling-ed phone and tips to bling HERE


#7 My all time favourite food is ABC!!!

ABC special in Pujut2 is my favourite! foodpost on it HERE.

I just love it. and you can't explain love.

#8 I love Gossip Girl.

 and any Chick Flick Romantic Comedy staring beautiful flawless people.

            Blair & Chuck FTW! \o/

#9 Top on my guys-to-drool-over-list is:

Chuck Bass! from GG.
 *wink wink*

basically, I change love from time to time.
  but no matter what, I will always love Calvin 辰亦儒 ♥ the most!

Calvin Chen Yi Ru. one of the member of Fahrenheit, a famous Taiwan boyband.
  1st time I saw him was when singing K with friends.(inside the MV obviously.)

his smile is so so so.. charming. and melted my heart. woots!

last but not least...
  despite how materialistic you think I am after reading #1-9,

#10 What I treasure most, is and always will be my friends and family. (:

awhyo family, consisting of 13 members.


 memories will never be forgotten.

our first awhyo toast.

the girls. love them all. ♥

Curtini. pic above is us selling drinks for moral project. good old times.

 have the most crazy and fun time with these beeyotchs! ;D

ah Vian. knew each other thru Friendster 1st, then our friendship grew. hehe. (:

Jac. the pretty one. she loves watching movie one haha.

of cos, I also love my super fat and super cute,


looks so pure here. ahaha

fat, right?? :D

*ps couldn't find any family photos in this com D: will add one in once I find one*

wahaha. finally done with the post. meh I don't think it's really everything about me, but yea it's the happy part of me. lol

rereading this post, I think it's more of a,
"10-things-that-I-love-post" LOL!

what the =.="

okayy it's 4.42am, better head to bed! :/ nites!


KayIsWhorish :P said...

Omg your blog is amazing! :]
I <3 it! :]
BTW your very pretty!
Hope becoming a famous blogger happens for you! :]

MeLo♥ said...

haha.. thanks!! (: means alot haha and nope I'm not that pretty :O

KayIsWhorish :P said...

Oh my goodness gracious !
Yess you are verrry pretty!! >.<

KayIsWhorish :P said...

OHH my goodness gracious!!
Yess you are verrry prettty!! >.<

MeLo♥ said...

lol lol! ~_~ stop u're making me blush. haha :D and thanks! (: u shud update ur blog. haha

KayIsWhorish :P said...

Lo Awwww shes blushing!! >.<
And yeahh i know i know i shouuld lol