Wednesday, December 9, 2009

can u believe that Chuck Bass is only 4 years older than me??

went out with Doreen yesterday.

brunch at 925, with Manda and her big gang.

then headed to Parkson. (where else? Miri's so damn small :S) 

Doreen messing with ah Yan's (new friend) sunnies.

she's nuts I tell you

told you I wasn't kidding. ;D

my serious face. wuahaha

 we met Phoebe at the bowling place, she's always there idk why :P
after awhile we went to McD

makan ice cream~

om nom nommm!

there was this guy sitting behind Manda, then Doreen pointed him out, saying he's hot.

Amanda threatened to get his number for her.
ZOMG it was hilarious.

Doreen kept begging for mercy. *evil laugh*

we took this in the car, in front of the traffic light. ROFL

very happy. Manda's friends said Doreen and I look like sisters :D
they thought we were sisters! wahooo~

oh wait, I should be sad. having a retard as a sister is definitely not good D:

saw Joanna sapo too.
actually she saw me 1st, as she is constantly stalking me. *LAUGH OUT LOUD!

after goofing around in Parkson, we headed to the beach. Esplanade !

Doreen, me and Amanda.

no idea what we did there. just hang round, took pix and act all crazy. haha

ah Yan and Doreen.

Fira and her E71 !!!! (left one, blinged PINK)


a better pic of her phone. RAWR! nice rite her bling. :3

and I love this pic cos behind her there's three retards. HAHA

plus the trees behind makes the view even better :D

we even saw this cute lil' doggie. !
Hush Puppy man. haha


went to a BBQ at night, Doris' friend's one. haha
not bad lar, quite fun de. even got sing k session at the end. lol~~

and yay Olic Ting owes me a 'very expensive dinner' now. muahaha!!!

and and and, all three of us (Doris Kri and me) tied hairbunnsss to the BBQ! :D
should have taken a picture or something :(

neways, had fun, cos we were treated like VIPs due to our 'special social status', if you know what I mean.
*wink wink

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