Monday, December 7, 2009

propose to me babyy!

the past few days have been hectic for me.
exactly what I need to unboring-fy my holidays!

attended Noorul's birthday party at her house Sunday night.

it was a very belated party of hers. haha

kinda awkward at first, cos most of the people there were from Riam - her classmates.

i do know some of them, but not really that close. so kinda paiseh =/

took a pic of Karen's new phone too! W705 PINK!

me is lovin' the poster effect ! :D

Noorul's mum is so cool. she's friendly, and talks to us just like a teenager! LOL

love her mum lar, so fun and humourous one!

I oso wannn!! :P

Karen with Rizal. !

he definitely changed alot! :O

and this is me with Rizal. XD

something funny happened too.

there's this guy at the party whom both Karen and I think is CUTE!!

then as I watched him walking away (going back),
I was like, just say bye to him lar!

and I really did! ROFL

funny thing was:
someone said the exact same thing, 
at the exact same time.

I was in awe. how was I to know someone would be brave like me LOL
so I turned and glared at her, HAHA and so did she.

it was a very 'LMAO' moment

after glaring each other with "I can't believe you just did that" expression written all over our faces,
Karen and I burst out laughing.

turns out he didn't hear both of us at all! SAD CASE

all in all, the party was fun (:

some camwhore pix ;D

am currently facing serious face problems :(

idk what is happening to my face, sometimes there are red patches here and there,
and my pores are getting more and more obvious ='(

everytime I look in the mirror I feel like crying!

I don't have foundation to cover it up too! urghh

really feel like buying the pore thingy I saw in Imperial the other day.
it helps to cover up the pores on ur face.
my only worry is that it'll make the pores even bigger after washing it off! T~T

you might think I'm bluffing you with the whole pore-getting-larger-crisis

but I'm not!

these camwhore pix are photoshop-ed ok!
that's why you can't see the pores T_T

damn sad. if only my skin is like in these pix.

woo nice lerh like that !!

bahaha this pic me likeyyy :P

Kri and I finally decided that sticking to our old phones is still the best.

cos when using old phones, you won't have to worry your ass off whether it'll get scratch,
whether it'll get dirty if you put it on the table.

you can just open and close it as hard as you like (my phone is clamshell type)
drop it as many times as you like (not on purpose of course) and feel nothing,
but "please please please don't die on me"

meh. you get what I mean.

tried tie-ing a hairbun again !
this time I tied higher. not bad liao larh, better than last time!
but it's too messy, even for me. LOL!

went to Sanjeet's house just nao. we watched a movie there :D
lost my way while picking Doreen. LOL
so ashamed of myself :(
I thought I had a decent sense of direction!

we watched The Proposal.

staring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.


*throws hands in the air and scream*

damn those two make a great couple, eventhough she's older.

plus there's this nude scene that is so freakin ROFL LMAO funneh!!!!
and moments before that scene,
was the part where Ryan took his shirt off while standing at the balcony like WTF

Doreen Sanjeet and I screamed like siao!!!!

so damn hot man. should have agreed with Doreen ages ago! :S


and hor, Ryan Reynolds' married (WTF!!!) to Scarlett Johansson

eeeew much!!!!
I hate her lah! :(

me: How long have they been married?
Doreen: urm 2 years like that eh..

me: ngaiti so sad lor... why he will marry her?!
Doreen: aiya, nvm lah. Hollywood couple sure will break one lah

me: but Ryan looks like those very loyal kind of guy oh :(
Doreen: yea. but Scarlett isn't those very loyal kind of girl ma.


*fingers crossed*

I'm hysterical, ignore me.

after the movie, talked a while, then finally got on our asses

we stopped by GK cos Doreen here wanted to buy the 'delightful' biscuit she ate at Sanjeet's place.

just look at her eye-ing those biscuits.
it's like she's picturing Ryan Reynolds naked.


Chowder is in Heaven. :O~

we didn't buy anything cos we couldn't find the biscuit.
so we went to the gym.

we saw this hawt guy drivin' lexus and we were like stunned LOL
sadly only had a glimpse of his side view :(

didn't even exercised at the gym.
cos once we started talking, we couldn't stop.!
Doreen and I dated by the beach, then went back to the gym cos there were too many sandflies! D:

all in all, what a day. I'm beat.
but it's 3 in the morning and I'm still blogging. +_+

before I end,

this is what dad asked me to help him with:

filling up tonnes of these!! :O

"The Reader's Digest RM750,000 Super Contest"

like lol? where did he even came up with so many forms.

and dad even said that if we won the grand prize, which is 250K, he'll give me 75K.

gimme that I won't study nemore I tell you :P

wooo! XD

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