Saturday, December 5, 2009

happy birthday Karen (:

1st things 1st...

happy birthday Karen babehh!! :D

*belated post ok!*

celebrated her birthday at Pizza Hut yesterday. had lunch there. (:

damn funny, the planner was not-so-well-prepared-due-to-inexperience :S
okayy larh I'm matured I won't make excuses haha. yes I was the planner. the not so good planner -,-

so like, everything was in a mess

msged Bry asked him to buy candles, and then doughnuts as cake too.

but when we all settled, had no idea how to sneak the doughnut 'cake' to the back to light the candles up. D:

in the end we were whispering here and there,
msging each other with panic looks on our faces ROFL
even Karen was starting to look at us as if we were crazy. T_T

so we had no choice but to ditch the 'surprise Karen with candles on doughnut' plan

we lighted the candles in front of her WTF

at first asked Jac to cover her eyes using tissue,
then suddenly earthquake then her hand slipped and Karen saw everything LOL

ok the earthquake part was a joke, nothing interesting ever happens in MIRI


Karen: oh please I hope my friend Melo can improve on her planning skills. 

awww. thanks Babe how kind of you to use your one-wish-a-year on me. HAHA

then something weird happened.

as Karen was making her wish, the candles suddenly started to release sparks, like firecrackers

I was like wtf?!

"Bryan Goh how come ur candles like firecrackers one?"

then the fire was like growing bigger and bigger

even Bry started to worry. he covered the flames with his hands
"ngaiti fire alarm arh later"

at 1st i thought he was joking.. then not long later feel like he's really worried LOL

so we all asked Karen to blow it out.

miraculously, the candles kept relighting itself !

guess they think Karen's not ready to turn 18 eh? 

Bry helped Karen blow too. unsuccessful attempt :(

everyone was laughing by then. really damn funny
even the tables beside us were looking, some were laughing LMAO

then we had a look at the candles.


"Magic Relighting Candles"

cannot tahan I laughed even harder after seeing this HAHAHA

"blow them out, they relight instantly"

this is seriously crazy shit. HAHA

in the end the Pizza Hut ppl had to come and take out the candles one by one. ZOMG
it certainly looked painful luhh with the flames burning so brightly like that.

I thought they were gonna kill us or something :X
thank goodness they didn't !

so funneh!
who said we didn't manage to surprise Karen.
we're so pro that we even surprised ourselves in the process HAHA

Babe! hope u had fun cos I certainly enjoyed laughing my ass off like that! :D

after lunch, Karen chia-ed us tickets to watch New Moon.

walau. the story's pretty boring, lovey dovey and all. but still managed to satisfy me !

especially parts where Edward Cullen is involve :O~

he is seriously to die drool for!
in the movie only lar.

being a sexy vampire and all.
Jacob not bad lar, especially after cutting his hair. O_O!

but when Ed's back in the scene,
you'll be like "Jacob.. WHO?" 


woots! make sure u catch this movie yeh! the ending is so so so. :D
well I predicted it lor WAKAKA!!

some random pix b4 ending this post.

HH, the tissue u gave me that year I still save it lerh! :D

moneh! something I'm currently lacking T~T

and a better pic of me necklace :D
loves it! ♥

but still the HK one mentioned by Cryssy's pretty tempting :(
let's see how things go ^^

till then....


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