Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I is in need of monehhh ! D:

not really up for blogging.. but what the heck, I've already uploaded the pics might as well just blog =S
not so in the mood right now :(
Chemistry results is out, 66 only. lmao. damn devastating. but I asked fer it cos I didn't do my part - study, well. huhuuu ! :'(

and now there's this issue with Wee's dad. cos he's pissed with her and I feel that it's partly my fault so yea feeling low now. boohoo =[

mum placed this pic under my door. I gladly mistook it as MONEHHH!

wuahaha so cute larhh :P 

went out fer lunch with Karen babehh on Sunday, after youth mass.
the 1st thing I noticed was the bow on her head.
like woahhh ! :D

eesh she loss weight ler ! *pouts

lunch-ed at 925,(haven't blog bout it yikes!)
then movie after.

we watched Ninja Assasin, staring Rain. woohoo 

not much movies to choose from luh.
wanted to watch New Moon, but haven't out. ~_~

weird one, I heard ppl saying it's out already! :(

Rain's cool in it and all, just just just, 
must his hairstyle be like that??? 

plus the parts where he was tortured (as a child) were truly horrifying.
I was practically squirming in my seat all the while .___. [hence proving that watching this movie can help you lose weight! :O]

hoohoo the movie's not bad! thought Rain was the bad guy at 1st, who knew he wasn't ;DDD

gogo catch the movie !

*somehow my post is getting happier and happier LOL* 

moving on~ 
saw Cheesie's post on how to tie a hair bun in 1 friggin minute!

loook at hers! so chio and nice can! T_T 
 done and ready in 1 minute WHAT THE!!

so uknw me lar~ go and learn also :D

what looks easy, isn't always easy ! D: 

it's damn hard I tell you, I have no idea how Cheesie can do it in one go! the hell. 
I tied it over and over and over again! T_T 
still so so.. not nice :( 

plus my hair is so damn thin, due to too much 'xiao bao' ! ARGHH! now I miss my thick hair. huhuu ='( ironic much. *slaps forehead

scroll up and see the size of Cheesie's bun, then compare it with the size of mine. 

arghh.. poor poor hair.. what have I done to you :(

haix. more practice.
practice makes perfect. *believe


one day I shall get back my thick hair (not to forget, CURLY the eff)
then I shall master the skill of tying hair buns! hohoho

today was fun, in a totally unpredictable way
 am  loving the latest post editor, so cool okayy!! 
now I can even change the font BG colour. woots !

*excited face
asked Wee whether I shud use it as FB pic.

Wee: err.. knot use something normal meh?
me: this not normal meh??
Wee: erm...... hehe haha 


went Curtin today, Wee changed course, and we got the scholarship forms.
it was raining !! the effff'

used Wee's umbrella, the wind ruined it like LMAO 
we were running for our lives, then when we almost reached safety, the umbrella suddenly fell apart

so we kept lol-ing there and trying to fix it. in the end gave up on it. lolol. 
rushed back to the car, under the rain of cos, and it rained all the harder the closer we got to the car.
the hell 

 *innocent face. 
lips damn thick too! wooot 

after all that under the rain 'fun', we went to our fav saloon !
did hair treatment just now, cos felt like didn't pamper myself in a while ^^
it was fun. :D 
we cut our hair too! 

had lunch at Bak Kut Teh at Pelita there, it was okayy
Janet joined us
leng luii hoohoo~~ 

Parkson afterwards! hoohoo ~ 

*happy face


walked around in Parkson, then hohoho, bumped into my dear - Olic Ting! 
damn damn happy, havent seen her in a while !
we talked and talked lol!

damn funny lor her haha. 
damn happy to see her too ! :P 

okok I have nothing better to do so keep cam-whoring nowadays :( 

I want monehh lah, so I can shop without worrying whether I'll still have monehh after I awake from my shopping hangover. *boohoo.. 

I wanna find a part time job lar, so I can get meself some monehh. ! 

I wanna lose weight larr, so no need to worry whether clothes will fit o not!

I wanna stop dreaming and start doing lahh, so that everything I dreamt of won't be just a dream, but reality!!!


1st day of  December. Christmas' just round the corner!! I'm hyped,

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