Friday, March 9, 2012

怎么不被想要 还在为你效劳

it's one of those feel-awful-nights again. it's starting to be a regular thing now, and that kinda sucks.


had a hair cut today. my long hair was just too much to handle - so heavy, messy and just ugh. i've no idea why it suddenly decided to dry up, it's like i'm growing haystacks instead of hair.

don't love my new hair, but looking at the remainder of my hair, i can't say i want it back...


awful right? hmmm the hair stylist says I should straighten my hair, that it suits me more. hahaha contrary of what everyone else is telling me. considering it :p

everything happens for a reason, and I believe there is a reason for what is happening right now too. maybe it's for the best. but imho, was this really necessary? but anyways, it's your decision and I respect that.

nothing much on my mind. for someone who hates change, weirdly enough, it makes me happy when someone tells me that i've changed (attitude wise). I want to be a new person, a better person, better than I was yesterday.

我能拥有什么 答案早就明了

怎么不听劝告 怎么不被想要 还在为你效劳?

做你的外套 只能穿梭你的外表
看到你对她的撒娇 可笑的是我没资格计较

做你的外套 拥抱着却不被拥抱
我是谁你知不知道 怎能随便穿上又换掉?

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