Monday, March 19, 2012


i love you.

three simple words. and all the while I thought I was missing out on love because I wasn't in a relationship. but now I know, love exists in family, exists in friends. Love is powerful because it is from God, words just cannot describe how much I love so many people is so many different ways. I don't even know where to begin.. but i'll try.

I love my family, each and every one of them, for being just the way they are.
I love my dad, for his constant nagging.
I love my mum, i love how strict she is, and how at the end of the day, I see signs of her soft side.
I love my brother #1, for how he keeps me entertained with his funny jokes.
I love my brother #2, for his bragging about how good a gamer he is.
I love my brother #3, for he always has my back, and for how adorable and innocent he is.

and to all my friends, or perhaps strangers who have shown kindness towards me, or the other way round:

i love you, for choosing me and believing in me, giving me confidence and moulding me into what I am now. It is because of you that I start to have faith in myself.
i love you, without reason. Seeing you brightens my day and I love how we always have things to say despite how long we spent apart.
i love you, for always being patient with me.
i love you, and how you make me feel not alone. How we worry about the same things, and have the same thoughts on life. I love you and I hope you can open up to me more, in time.
i love you, you and your crazyness and the whole tipsy-turvy-package. you make me laugh like there's no tomorrow, seeing you brightens my day too.
i love you, how you're always checking up on me making sure i'm alright. i'm sorry I take you for granted sometimes but do know i'm trying my best to be as much a friend as you are to me.
i love you, how we've known each other since forever. I remember the first time we were in different classes, it tore me apart. haha. time flies and we're even far apart now, but i still love you with all my heart.
i love you, the you that you are now. you deserve to be happy, every day of your life. seeing you smile makes me smile too. please smile more.
i love you, mean as you are, the things you say never fails to make me laugh. I'm really glad you're happy now, please remember me.
i love you, despite the distance.
i love you, annoying as you are, you actually care about me.
i love you, you and your paranoid-ness. i love how we goof off with each other and just throw away our image :p
i love you, you're like our sugar daddy. whenever all of us are together, laughter is never missing. I love how we're always coming up with these crazy/silly actions. then repeating them to mock each other.
i love you, all 13 of you. i always have, and I always will.
i love you, seeing your picture makes me smile. I want the best for you, that's why I try my best to look out for you.
i love you, and I don't want anything bad to happen to you. i love you so much, so much, that i'm willing to sacrifice everything to go through this with you. but that'll be out of line..
i love you, and I care dearly about you. you really should take more care of yourself.
i love you, my shopping buddy. you always persuade me to buy things I don't need but despite it all, i love you :P
i love you, the one who gives the warmest hugs. you deserve to be happy too. I can't wait for the day you find true happiness.
i love you, the best guy friend i ever had. we're not as close anymore, but i'm still here for you whenever, if ever you need me.
i love you, you're really pretty, and talented, and bossy, and you always get what you want. haha but at the end of the day, i do still love you.
i love you, you're like the big brother I never had. thank you for looking out for me.
i love you, the sister I never had. you make me feel loved, though we seldom chat now, just a single text from you is enough to make me know you love me. and i'm really grateful for a sister like you.
i love you, you deserve nothing but the best, and seeing you happy now, i can only say that i'm happy too.

that's all I can think of for now.
think one of them is about you? well then, maybe it is. ;)

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