Friday, March 9, 2012

but i never told you what i should have said

better feel up the emptiness of this blog.

i have nothing to say. or rather, nothing I can say that won't be judged. see the thing about a public blog is -- people read it. sometimes it feels great knowing that people give a damn about you enough to want to read your blog, but sometimes you just don't want them to know.

what would people think of me, when they see what i write?

every little detail in my life, every string of thought in my head.

I've always been foolish, telling myself that as long as I don't say it out, then it doesn't exist. that's the main reason why i keep my problems to myself. that, and the fact that lately i'm finding it hard to string my thoughts into words.

"everybody talks."
another reason why I refuse to let these thoughts loose. once words are said, you can never take them back.

what am I going on about? lol
no point thinking what could've been. I guess it's the end of the road for now, so might as well continue on with my journey with my head tall. I CAN DO THIS! :D

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