Friday, February 17, 2012

fantastic feb

it was my youngest bro's birthday yesterday. and this was what we did last night. hahaha
filled the remaining pics with pics i took with awhyo members just now. hoho ;D

it's been more than a week since my last update. wow? time really does fly by when you're having fun. :}

sadly, good times don't last that long. 10 more days and school starts, at the same time, friends are flying back to their schools soon as well. boohoohoo  >:(

so... updates? :D

on the 10th, went to Kenny Rogers for dinner with muh babe -- Doreen. lucky us didn't have to queue that long as there was only two of us. a tip to couples who are planning to dine there: DO NOT sit at the table right beside the glass, no privacy at all! -_-

 Doreen's like: wadahell y'all nigga's lookin' at??!!! 

(no stranger was abused during the taking of this photo)

 coleslaw, mashed potatoes and fresh fruits.

 macaroni, mashed potatoes and more potatoes? haha

what I loved is that you can choose your side dish. yum yumm

chocolate and banana muffins!
not enough to suffice our sweet tooth though, so...

 muffin submarine it is!


after dinner, we headed to erm.. not sure what's the place called, and watched the guys play err... no idea what that sport's called as well! HAHA!

2nd round at SR :D
leng lui + hubby haha


11th was Terry and c3's birthday. they chia-ed us dinner at Dynasty! :D took lots of pics of course, but i'm so lazy to upload all of them. and on the 13th, Doris held a party at her home. ;D

ice cream bomb cake. 

 obscene cake for the obscene celebrant

 see? he can't wait to eat it already. :O

 looks delicious right?

 he was wearing the same brand shirt that night! ahaha

pretty birthday gal~ :)

family portrait? ;D 

some pics from Doris' party:


guess who's older?! LOL

Carrie told PL that his gift is "useful to him, rectangle in shape, and he'll surely love it".

that kept him thinking all day. HAHA #troll

woo. that pretty much sums up what i've been doing lately. of course there are other outings, but most of which i didn't take any pics.. so yea. haha

but wait, before I end this post. ngehehe

 my love!!



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