Monday, February 6, 2012

hello :3

hi, it's really been a while, hasn't it?

New Year was fantabulous, spent it at Marudi with my relatives and family. We had so much fun back there.. hmm but I went back to Miri during the 3rd day of New Year due to the many plans ahead with my friends.  -- visiting, Excapade Sushi and Sing K!

ooh and one new thing about me, (which is probably quite obvious if you stalk my facebook or twitter) --- I bought a new phone! like finallyyy. actually mum and dad sponsored most of it for me, yeah love them to bits for that. haha <3

 Harry Styles! wahaha

 bad thing about having a new phone is the many cases i simply can't resist! very hard to control you know!! :/ 

hello kitty! I also have a cute duck casing, but i'm lazy to post a pic. :o
follow my twitter. I post more pictures there ^_^

can't help but say that i'm head over heels in love with this phone. :]

 kik messenger, downloaded this last night cause I saw that Zayn Malik (1/5 of One Direction) is using it!!! I said Hi to him, and he received it. *jumps with joy* but no he didn't reply T_T

but it's okay cause he's not Harry. if I ever find Harry's Kik i'd bug him til he acknowledges me hahahaha :D

so happy finally managed to download it, with the help of my Hello Kitty debit card. HEHEHEHEHE *smug*

okayy enough about the phone. some pics of my outings too. hehe

 Four Seasons! :)

 AWhyo! :D

 slightly 'mutated' Musketeers! hahaha :3

been eating so much lately. hmmm but i love it! eat eat eat nom nom nom. often I tell myself that it's okay it's the New Year gaining weight is all but unusual. but when I actually look at the mirror and see my tummy more gigantic than ever, all of a sudden I don't want to gain weight anymore. AHAHAHA :O

but new year ends today. D:
Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone! bid all the delicious food goodbye, and say hello to dieting and saving. D: D: D:


chiaralovesharry said...

Omg can u add me on kik? I'm ChiaraLovesHarry :D

chiaralovesharry said...

Hey can u add me on kik? I'm ChiaraLovesHarry :) so we can speak about him:D

MeLo♥ said...

added :D

Anonymous said...

Whats zayn name on kik? Did you
Get an answer now?? You're so cool

MeLo♥ said...

ahaha sorry to disappoint but no he didn't reply :(

ahhh I'm sorry I deleted Kik already so I can't give you his username :(
but if I'm not mistaken it's his name?
Zayn Malik

or you can try looking it up on instagram. :)