Friday, February 24, 2012

a fresh start


howdy. how ya doin? lmao. -_-

school starts Monday!! which is like, a weekend away. and we all know how weekends fly by. it's like they don't exist. boohoo

and sad enough for me i'm gonna spend the first week of school A-L-O-N-E! all because my dear friend is still on honeymoon with her hubby T_T oh please let me find a partner so i don't have to go through school alone. *sobs *

and just recently i found out that Finals results from every sem are gonna be added together to get the average during our final year! what?! I wasn't aware of this. All the while I thought I still had time, that I can still study hard during my last year and get a decent job with those results. but now I found out about this?? oh my gosh. my lousy results from previous semesters, all stored somewhere in Curtin's big web of information. /sigh

I really need to work harder this sem. (i know I say this every sem but I really really hope this time i mean it) can you tell i'm on the verge of a break down? I did fairly well during Foundation but guess what, FOUNDATION RESULTS AREN'T INCLUDED! whut?! whyyyyyy. shit. okay i'll quit the complaining. study hard. that's the only way out for me. 

holy titty fuck.

Marry me, Harry. then i don't have to worry bout shitty grades anymore. :(

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