Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy ?

it's like I finally came back to my senses. what is wrong with my blog it's so depressing! I can't find anything to write about except these sad thoughts that are probably made up by my brain because I let it. 

and there I was, looking at other people's blogs. they write about happy things, take gorgeous pictures of their outings, food, sights, things worth writing down and remembering. so that's when it strike me. why remember the bad, when there's so much good? twitter's the place to rant cause what you write in twitter won't be remembered. but your blog? that shit's stuck for life, unless you delete it :p 

with this new change in mind, I just realized I haven't been taking pictures for awhile now. haha. I used to be the one who brings her camera along and takes pics but now? nothing LOL! or maybe that's cause all my activities seem to revolve around saving the world. *cough* L4D *cough* HAHAHA!! 

anyways, choose happiness. everyone deserves to be happy. even me! :D 

3/4 of the Four Seasons. :)

wishing all mothers a very Happy Mother's Day.


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