Thursday, May 24, 2012


just done with Reaction Engineering midterm last night! feeling so so relieved. but it's not over! there's another Fluid finals tomorrow >:(

anyways, I've been thinking about things that happened. how I put the blame on you, but thinking back you did made an effort to try to talk to me but it was me who ignored it cause I was angry. :| i'm a really bad person gaahh. really hope i'll have the chance to make things right.

on the other hand, people really have to smile more. like this girl working in Student Services, she's very pretty. while walking in campus I made eye contact with her, and she smiled. I was a little shocked as she didn't strike me as a friendly kind of person, but that smile warmed my heart. that's what a smile does! It brightens your day.

unlike some other people in Curtin. I took the initiative of smiling and they just looked at me like i'm some kind of alien. FYI smiling doesn't mean I know you, it could just be a friendly smile from stranger to stranger what. why you all so uptight can't even accept my smile?? -.-

maybe i'll smile at you the next time our eyes lock. :) 

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