Friday, June 10, 2011


familiar? well maybe you've seen this chick around once or twice.

so i'm in a swell mood right now. for a sec it feels like the holidays aren't here yet. but then, lo and behold, the feeling slowly sank in as good news after good news started showering me.

firstly, thanks to Jau's help, i can now play MapleStory on my lappy, along with my three brothers. :D
secondly, everyone's available for our dinner date tonight. finally meeting my ai ren Wong S S!
then suddenly i was struck with news that PL will be coming back tonight!
breakfast date tomorrow with Wee, Katty, Rebecca and her badminton gang (first time meeting them lol)
last but not least, practice with the church leng lui's. hahahaha and seeing my dalring, after oh so long. :)
not to forget sleepover with the retards this Tuesday. and sing K with Katty them on Thurs. hahahaha i just hope i have sufficient $$ for all fun fun fun :9

i think i spammed too much.

pictures, then off i go :3

 1 +

3 = :D

and believe it or not my brother was hiding behind those computers hahahaha

 i like this pic :>
 ooh~ cut my fringe the other day. not as bad as i thought it would be. but then again it's starting to cover my eyes again. so fast? :\

 hello kitty shirt!! :DDDDD

 overjoyed face. woohoo

and this is long overdued, lunch at Citrus with the retards wayy before exams started. (and now they're over, time flies now doesn't it?)

 the lovely couple :D

 my eyes so small :/ if not this would've been a nice pic.

 Joan with her meatball spaghettiii yumms :0

and yeah, end with this yummmy waffles found only at Citrus!! :> (RM10.90)
give it a try you won't regret it! ^_^

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