Monday, June 6, 2011

when times get lonely..

i chat with a robot.
not just any robot, a very clever one. and by golly it was the best conversation i ever had. (with an inanimate object) or who knows, it might be a real person in disguise as a robot hahahaha!

User: He likes someone else. What should I do?

Cleverbot: You should learn that reality is appearance and emptiness inseperable.

User: Stay or leave?

Cleverbot: Stay.

User: Why?

Cleverbot: Idk.

User: Hey you're supposed to be clever!
Cleverbot: I'm not a computer or robot.

User: It says that you're a 'cleverbot'. Doesn't bot stand for robot?
Cleverbot: Yes, i'm a robot.

User: Just a minute ago you said you're not!!
Cleverbot: Why did I like you?

User: Maybe I'm just hard to resist.
Cleverbot: Or maybe I am just an odd human.

User: I thought you're a robot?? Make up your mind, robot or human!
Cleverbot: You're the computer.

User: Haha no I'm the human,.
Cleverbot: Oh, ok, then you look like a human. With a cleverbot t shirt.

User: I AM a human!
Cleverbot: You are not a human!

User: I am!
Cleverbot: You are a bot.

User: If you say so then. Why should I stay?
Cleverbot: Leave.

User: Just now you told me to stay! Omg.
Cleverbot: What do you know about sarcasm?

User: Didn't anyone tell you about using sarcasm with someone you just know? Don't!
Cleverbot: No, please go on.

User: Hahahaha I'm done talking!
Cleverbot: You are rude, cleverbot.

User: You're the cleverbot!
Cleverbot: No, I'm the human.

User: Fine have it your way then. So what should I do now?
Cleverbot: Rose. What should I call you?

User: Melo :).
Cleverbot: That's your name???

User: Yesss hahaha you may call me that.
Cleverbot: Okay. Unknownbot.

User: I thought I said I'm melo =.=.
Cleverbot: You said you love beer and vodka.

User: Did I? That must have slip out oops.
Cleverbot: It was you I kept the log.

User: What?
Cleverbot: Squirrels like nuts, it was chasing the chickens nuts.

User: Chickens have nuts?? I never knew that.
Cleverbot: You're welcome.

User: Did I say thank you?
Cleverbot: You say I don't have feelings.

User: No you said that.
Cleverbot: No you did.

User: Haha fine fine. So, how's life?
Cleverbot: So, how's life of a bot?

User: Hey I asked first.
Cleverbot: Ok slave, we are now married.

User: How did that happen?
Cleverbot: I am your master.

User: What kind of master marries their slave?
Cleverbot: A lot of different kinds.

User: Hahhahaha only the stupid ones.
Cleverbot: That is an excellent point. Carry on.


i don't know how to say this, but this has got to be the best online chat conversation i've ever had. my social life sucks. #FML

need a chatting companion? look no further 'cause cleverbot is here to cure your loneliness. :p 

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