Sunday, June 19, 2011


it's been a schedule packed weekend for the Four Seasons.

if you were wondering, le Four Seasons is the name we came up for our group consisting of Step, Jess, Jac and I. and as the title suggests, i'm Summer! :D

we performed during Father Andy's 10th Anniversary dinner last night. it was.. scary, and fun at the same time. so much went on before the event, one by one we started to panic and feel stressed. or maybe it was just me. thankfully, all was well in the end. like Jac's dad always say, just do your best, you're performing for the Lord, not for anyone else. :)

so on Friday, met up with SS, Kri, Susan and Doris. had lunch at the new Naga Liar at Pelita. i didn't order though cause i was late :s
but the look on their faces show that the food isn't fulfilling at all. i mean, half an egg? *shakes head*

anyways, we went to Imperial after lunch. so many things caught my eye but no money to buy. ahaha. typical Melo. then in the evening went for manicure with Jac!! it was my first time. kinda burnt a hole in my pocket, but it was fun. being pampered is fun. :]

 so here's our nails. Jac's giraffe and my Hello Kitty.

owh well, not that nice the pics cause i have ugly nails! boohoo.

anyways, on Saturday, headed over to Jess' house for some final practice, then we went off to Park City Everly for the sound check. it was damn hot. -.-

we were all even more stressed. hahaha. after lunch at Pete's Deli, Jess and Steph went over to Michael Saloon to wash their hairs. after much thinking, Jac and I followed too. gahhh~ it was heart breaking, really, spending so much in one weekend. lolol. but I felt so-o-o relaxed. like nothing mattered. it was funnnnnnn~

now i'm anticipating working life, so i can afford all these luxury. muahaha.

hoho. our new looks!
i like Jac's curlsss :D

okay. sorry this post is filled with ALL of my camwhore pics. let me have my moment. xD

 too bad the hair didn't last that long though. it wasn't even time to perform and already my hair started to get frizzy and the bottom curls started disappearing.

still manage to camwhore though. ngehehe <3

decided to put some mousse to make it less frizzy, and in the end, i was back to my old hair. -.-
ughghg and somehow i miss having straight hair now. why is life so mean. hahaha

okie one last pic to make your eyes hurt even more. :)

byes! :B


秋影 said...

sud call you hello kitty not summer.... lolx...

MeLo♥ said...

haha don ham la :P