Tuesday, June 28, 2011

this time it's for real

guess what? Saturday night, Jac and her cousin, Cass, came over my place after work.
we dyed our hairs. :D

Jac had highlights.

it was fun. dying our hairs so late at night. the messy process of washing the dye off. all of us were reluctant to wash our hairs, we wanted to be the last to wash it off cause the longer it's on the more obvious the color. haha!

 the color is uneven, one side is brighter than the other. but what the heck, finally got color!
happy happy. plus mum and dad were cool with it too. only my littlest brother had issues with me dying my hair. he kept giving me weird looks and even refused to talk to me! but we're close again :3


last Wednesday, went to the gym with my laopo. not a bad workout. but as predicted, we made plans to go out after. haha but instead of dinner, we went to Starbucks.

twitter + facebook stalking people yo

after awhile, we got bored, then Kri suggested we go to McD for the buy 1 free 1 nuggets. hahaha. but we didn't have any coupons with us. so guess who was the pity brother that had to print out coupons for us so late at night? xD

we arrived at McD 15minutes before 12? rofl. close call. probably one of the lasts to have the nuggets. and damn they were divine. seriously mouth watering. never bought them cause who would choose nuggets over Big Mac?! just saying.

"they're irresistible!"

yum yum. ;D

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