Sunday, August 21, 2011

how to smile with teeth ah?

hoho. decided to blog cause i tried camwhoring with my teeth showing and bloody it was mortifying. i don't think i can ever smile with my teeth showing. >:( 

sometimes, i look back on past photos and I see this innocent (kinda sakai) girl smiling with her teeth looking like the happiest girl on earth.
not that i'm not happy now, i guess i'm just insecure with the way my teeth looks cause many commented on my gums whenever i laugh. -_- 

okayy with that said, i now present to you -------- (please oh please don't let this ruin my image) --- me smiling with my teeth. 

the one on the left just looks weird! it doesn't even look like me!! or am i just overreacting? LOL!

i don't think it'll ever work. screw it.


moving along,

check out this picture of myself. does it remind you of a certain something?
messy hair, white skin, crazy looking eyes staring at a distance. rofl. think think. gave me goosebumps when i opened this picture on my com -0-

is that grass growing on my hair... or? 

and for what it's worth, a nice pic of me and Doreen. hehehe :) 

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Joan said...

i actually think you look nicer smiling with teeth. it's natural and.. you have pretty teeth! :) just sayin'