Monday, August 15, 2011


i know i know, i've been neglecting this blog of mine, writing just one or two sentences and calling it a post. :c

been quite down lately.. don't really need to elaborate on that. not sure how to either. listening to these sad songs, the melody tickles my heart but instead of laughing, it feels like crying. haha.
this bitter sweet feeling is just, indescribable. i hate this sadness, yet it's all i have. and somehow, i've grown to love its presence. not sure what i'm saying here, but yeah, maybe i'm just slowly losing my mind.

anyways, Bry left for US today. it's sad really. knowing that he won't be here anymore. :(
soon there won't be anyone here anymore.... why like this?

this is my youngest brother. he really is... something else. haha
he's the funniest thing i swear.

i laugh at his jokes, well not all, some are rather lame. and Saturday night during dinner he suddenly pulled a new stunt, again. hahaha!!

i don't know how he did it but he sucked the side of his face in and put chopsticks into the 'hole'. LOOL!!! and there he is demonstrating the same stunt.....  with pens -__-


the above was my failed attempt to revive my blogging mojo. no such luck. i've officially lost it. whatever drive i had in the past is gone. i don't know how to blog anymore. pictures i share on facebook, thoughts i pour out in twitter. only things that are too long to be shared in twitter i post here on my blog. le sigh. i'm sorry bloggie. will you forgive me? >:( 

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