Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the window

just wanted to squeeze in an update though i have like, tonnes of other more important things i should be doing. hehe

had an eventful weekend.
celebrated AC's belated birthday on Friday at 72 Bian. just look how big the crowd was. haha

 first time lor so many people. even Awhyo not this crowded. haha

 caught a movie after dinner.
 Zoo Keeper. have you watch it? haha it's hilarious!

inside cinema also camwhore. *shakes head*

bought these hair ties. so adorable!! :>

then Saturday night, had dinner with Doreen and Adrian at Citrus. hoho.

 i secretly think they make a cute couple :P

ngek ngek ngek. my crazy psycho babe! :D <3

and dinner at Citrus wouldn't be perfect without~~ *drum roll please*

their infamous Symphony Waffles. hehehehehe <3

that was our farewell dinner for Adrian cause he's leaving to KL soon :((
all the best in your studies hubby! doubt you'll ever see this, but still. :D


anyways, i guess probably most of you already saw this coming..

i photoshoped another picture of mine!! and i can't believe i'm gonna say this, but i look gorgeous!! wtf

my gosh. who is this stunning Caucasian?!

okay seriously i crack myself up.

and last but not least, some wise words before i end this post.

remember the Window episode in How I Met Your Mother?
I do! and I love that show because it teaches us many things about life. it's like Ted's Guide in coping with failure in life & love, and how you need friends to get through life.

first off, you have Ted's BFF Marshall, -who kinda reminds me of Bryan probably cause of the height-, who's kinda awkward and geeky, but never fails to be there for you in times of need.

and you have Lily, the friend who has a lot of opinion and won't rest til you take her advice. i don't really like her, to me she's kinda manipulative. but then again, she's good sometimes, kind hearted and just wants the best for everyone.

Robin, best friend slash ex lover of Ted. this goes to show that sometimes (though not recommended) ex-es CAN still be friends. but honestly she's kinda weird and desperate, very career minded she is. but just like the others, she's a good friend. the only one who is brave enough to bitch slap Lily if she goes overboard.

Then we have the friend everybody loves to hate -- Barney Stintson.
who doesn't love Barney? ahaha. the Barney who created the bro code, the one who overuses the word 'legend.... -wait for it- dary' and who loves giving high fives. the one who has a witty comeback to just about everything, and claims himself as Ted's best friend. though a player in nature, he'd do just about anything for the girl he loves.

Last but not least, we have Ted. Ted's a nice guy. struggling through life, just like all of us. i like him because he's strong, he believes in his dreams and goals, and he fights for them. He believes in fate, and he never stopped believing that he would find the perfect girl and marry her. and he did. (though we still DON'T KNOW WHO THE HELL HIS WIFE IS!) He's hard headed, and sometimes ends up making silly decisions. and here's what i love most about him -- he sticks with his choices, and though he ends up hurting/humiliating himself, he regrets nothing. He is true to himself and his choices and that's what i admire most about him. :)

okayy back to the Window episode. in that episode, there's this girl that Ted has been waiting to date for years. every time she breaks up, her neighbor would call Ted and tell him that "the window's open". and every year, Ted rushes to her apartment, wanting to console her and hopefully becoming her next boyfriend, but every year, someone beats him to it. so he decided that this was the last straw, the next time the damn window opens, he's gonna be the first there no matter what.

and indeed, his chance came, and he was the first to arrive. he brings her to their usual bar. He was gone for awhile and as always, someone beat him to the girl, and the guy ends up marrying her. though disappointed with his defeat, as always, Ted accepts the fact and gives them his blessing.

to me, this episode portrays a really important and meaningful message --- if something wasn't meant to be yours, then no matter how hard you try to make it happen, it just won't. maybe that's the mystery in life, why sometimes hard work simply doesn't pay off.

i think i'm saying this because there's this guy, he's totally my type (to be honest) but he has a gf. so i was thinking to myself, what if one day he breaks up with her, maybe i should rush there first so i'd have my chance. ROFL. but you read my post right? i'm assuming you did. so you should know that i won't do that. ;D

(and i can't believe i wrote all these words just because of one thought that flashed through my head)

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