Thursday, August 18, 2011

new camera he he he

in case you didn't know, dad bought a new camera last Sunday :D
and him getting a new camera = me having a new camera to use!  life's good oh yeah.

haven't really got used to it though. and not quite sure whether i like this more or my older one. hahaha though it's a very old model (the previous one) I somehow grew fond of it. :S
and it tears me apart knowing that the only way to revive it is to buy a new battery, which costs RM100++++ ugh.

 so anyways, here are some of the pics taken with the new cam. haha I even made some side by side pics of similar objects. tssk
plus, my room light is spoiled, so most of the pics are taken in the dark, with flash. haha

oh ya, the burgers were taken at different time periods

what do you think? which camera is better? :/

KFCK burger Doreen and I had last night. yum yumm.
we went there after gym and frankly speaking, i think all our hard work went away with the wind after eating these T_T

 took this at the shop while dad was talking to the guy. omg i love this pointless pic. hahaha

 not so flattering pic of myself and bro. well at least he looks good here -_-
scratch that. why is he taller than me?!

 my old camera. don't worry mummy still loves you :))


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