Tuesday, August 16, 2011

money, Y U NO MINE?!

" 据说某心理调查是: 
你会如何反应? 90%的人选:坚决断绝关系,诚实是最重要的品质之一。 
你会如何反应? 90%的人选: 继续交往,我爱的是他的人,又不是他的钱。"

hahaha i find this rather amusing. okay okay before beginning my rant, i better translate the above so that some of you who can't read chinese, will know what i'm ranting about.

"Based on a psychological research:
If a poor guy pretends to be a rich ass to go out with you, and you found out. what would you do?
90% chose to end the relationship - Honesty is most important in a relationship. 
A month later, the same website posted another question:
If a rich guy pretends to be a poor guy and goes out with you, and you found out. what would you do?
90% chose to stay in the relationship - I fell for his personality, not his money."

goes to show that we all are money seeking bitches. as much as we try to deny it, try to cover up that ugly truth, it's there. it's always been there and it's just in our nature.

"money is the root of all evil" 

familiar? so many quotes contradicting each other. take these other two for example:

"whoever says that money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to shop."

"they say money can't buy happiness. but i rather be sad in my BMW." 


society made us this way. so stop being hypocrites and deny your love for money. who doesn't love money?? WHO?

if I had money, i wouldn't have to think twice, i'd probably already have that Blackberry phone i've been longing for for ages. An iphone to go with it perhaps. and a branded bag, heels that aren't meant for walking but makes me look taller and at the same time works out my ass. what else? maybe slimming session or slimming pills so I'd look better. a driver so I won't have to go through the trouble of finding parking places and paying samans. (oh wait, i have money, i'd probably block someone on purpose since the money don't matter anyways)

If I had money, and i mean LOTS of money, i'd visit the saloon every other day, to make sure my gorgeous locks are in perfect condition. I'd have all the latest fashion clothes, simply because I can pull the look off, and because i'm rich enough to follow the latest trends, so why not? I'd fly first class to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, New York, Paris, just to stock up on my brands. Hermès, Prada, Chanel, Versace, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton and whatnot. life's good when you're rich.

If I had money, I'd organize fancy parties in Balcony (cause that's the most happening place in like, Miri). free liquor all night. who wouldn't love me? all the hot guys with big big guns will come rushing over and probably strip for me. HAH! not to forget my super expensive BMW sports car i'd be driving in, I might even get my own special reserved parking spot right beside the place. sweet. face it, we're all money's bitch. we'd do just about anything for money. money money money money and more money. $$$$$$$$!

okayy. i had to wipe my drool after writing all that. imagine, if I had all the money in the world, I can buy everything on my wishlist. how wonderful life would be. but fact is, i don't got all that money. life sucks and it's my reality. so don't go saying shit like "it's not about the money money money", cause guess what?! life IS all about the money. I don't see Curtin giving free education for us. PFFFFT!

if I was paid to study I'd probably be more hardworking. #justsaying

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