Friday, January 6, 2012

心一跳 爱就开始煎熬

amazing how a song can turn your whole mood upside down.

i'm listening to  李佳薇's 煎熬 and it's as if my heart's performing summersault after summersault, twisting, and just making me feel.. uneasy. ugh move along, move along.

the days are moving by fast, but not fast enough. i really really really can't wait to get my hands on my new phone. i'm also really excited for Chinese New Year, well, who isn't?! hehe
no new hair for me this year, boohoo. but i guess new clothes will do :D

January has been kind, so far. so many new buys during these few days. haha. damn shiok.

 new bag for school. shows how enthusiastic i am to go back *cough*
still searching for a bag charm though. a duck one if possible!!

 the cutest duck bracelet ever!

 new glasses!! :)
(if you didn't know i lost my previous ones in China. it wasn't even a year old! :S)

 aiihh it's very similar to my previous one. part of me thinks that i chose the wrong frame. screw it but i'm learning to love it. I WILL LOVE IT!

what is wrong with me i'm morphing from a hello kitty freak to a duck freak. -_-


still no China post. you mad? ;D @Crysteaaa hahaha xD

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