Saturday, January 7, 2012

China !

so here it is, the long overdued China post. :O
I just hope my memory doesn't fail me.

(my bad but i think most of the pics would be of me and my family HAHA)

 at Miri Airport. waiting for our flight to KL! :D

that night, we stayed at Tunes Hotel, since our flight to China is the next morning. and they really weren't kidding when they said the place was small. LOL whut. but I slept like a pig, so no complains. ngehehe. I left my Hello Kitty earrings there though T_T 

thankfully i still have the other half -0- 

Day #1

scrumptious breakfast at KLIA. 
best part of holiday-ing with the fam is that you don't have to pay for food! hehehe :9 

 after 5/6 hours, we arrived at ChengDu, China. :D

 I was reluctant to put on my HK hat cause well, shy mah. /blush

then mum was like put on your hat lah, it's so cold. so I did, and I took a picture to make sure I didn't look ridiculous.

 view from the bus. it was a long walk from the building. wtf. or maybe i just haven't been exercising for awhile.

tried my best to take some nice pics from the bus, but i guess i'm just not gifted in photography -_-

and from the pic above, you can see how many people there are in China. if there's that many people in Miri, i don't think i'd have the mood to go shopping anymore.

all was well until I suddenly got car sick. /facepalm. seriously? that was when we almost arrived at the hotel. and when I get car sick, the feeling won't go away. only sleeping for the whole night will cure it.

as if things weren't bad enough, that night during dinner, the first bite i made, I bit some kind of herb that numbs your whole tongue and just makes my whole body uncomfortable. I shivered like mad after eating it and thus dinner was ruined for me LOL.

but no worries i still can camwhore. hahaha!

that's basically our first day in China. just dinner then rest at the hotel.

Day #2 

 early in the morning, we departed to the airport, heading to another place called Jiu Zai Gou (九寨沟). we were told that the altitude of the place is really high, and that we might have problems breathing. mum definitely didn't make things easier by telling us that we might die if we don't exercise a lot before the trip. -___- yes she really told us that!

but praise the Lord i'm still alive and kicking. xD

i was still feeling nauseous the second day. thus my dead face in most of the pics. I puked inside the bus. wahaha. into a plastic bag mind you. i felt a whole lot better.. for a little while.

after lunch, we went to see a waterfall. it is said that the water from this waterfall is so clean, it prevents aging if you drink from it. lol wtf. but i didn't see anyone selling magical water anywhere so yeah.

guess what, I puked a second time when we arrived at the place. LOL! i don't know why it just feels like such an accomplishment. :p

and I was too weak on the day I handed the camera to my brothers so they can snap some pics of the waterfall. fyi, we had to hike all the way to the top. my goodness.

 youngest bro. i noticed his face looks like this whenever asked to take a pic. haha. i guess that's his 'camera face'.

and this is how my 2nd brother's camera face looks like:

 i literally lol-ed when I saw this pic in the camera.

 family pic with the waterfall. :o

guess what? we made friends while waiting for the others. :D
not really sure what these ladies do up there, but my brother dropped his gloves into the water, and one of the woman's son helped pick it up. HE IS SO ATHLETIC DAMN HAHAHAHA. the first leng zai I saw in China! *swoons*

BUT, he refused to take a pic with us. >:(
he's shy oh well.

Day #3

 the night before, I was feeling so bad I didn't have dinner. the next morning during breakfast, some of the others asked why I wasn't there for dinner. aww made me feel so touched. :p

I was feeling much much better that morning. :D

 coffee! :B

it was a very cold morning. -10 degrees celsius. insane!

after breakfast, we went out of the lobby... to see snow! woots. it snowed the night before and therefore, our next destination will be even more beautiful due to the snow. (that's what our tour guide said)

 snow just never gets old :)
i love snow! :D

so we were off to our destination. the famous Jiu Zhai Gou. lots of lakes and waterfalls with gorgeous views there. and silly me left my bag inside the bus cause I thought we were just stopping for toilet break. -__-

dad almost killed me.

so no pictures of all the nice sceneries :c
but I saved a copy in my head though xD

before arriving, the bus driver stopped by the road to put chains on the tyres as it was slippery. and everyone jumped out of the bus and took photos :D

 am I really that short??

 dad and mum :)

fast forward to the end of the day (all because of my forgetfulness)
arrived at yet another hotel, this one's a nice hotel because the prime minister of China stayed here before lmao.

 the room is nice, nescafe provided (hell yeah!) but then again, the food was.... bleh. I really can't stand China food. it just doesn't suit my taste buds.

after dinner, we walked over to the Opera House right beside our hotel. it was damn cold. i'm glad i listened to dad and put on an extra coat.

and thus ends Day #3. so sorry can't continue on to Day #4 because I haven't edited the pictures. and if I don't resize em, it takes forever to upload the pics. owh well.

just wondering though, which do you prefer - uploading the pics one by one, or editing them together like how i did with some of the pics above?  do give me comments! :)

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